How To Write A Sarcastic Resignation Letter Professionally?

Sometimes bad things happen at work and cause you to feel upset, stressed, even depressed. A toxic work environment is not good for your mental health, and the only way out of continuing to suffer mental pain is to resign from your job. It can be your employer or your co-workers who make the work environment toxic. If you intend to quit sarcastically, you can do it with caution. If you are sure to start writing a sarcastic resignation letter, remember that your files will be saved in the company forever.


Can I write a Resignation Letter with Contempt?

If you feel dissatisfied and realize that more bad things are happening at work, you may decide to write your resignation letter with sarcasm. Even so, you are still obliged to use proper spelling and grammar. Write your letter in a concise, clear, and professional manner. You can also write in general about the reasons for your resignation.

How To Write A Resignation Letter with Sarcasm?

You may decide to write a resignation letter filled with anger, but you must remember that the order of the letter must be the same as the format of the resignation letter in general. Consider some elements of the resignation letter below:

Your Employer Name

You must write the name of your supervisor or manager. Use the salutation by writing “Dear. Mr./Ms.” followed by your employer’s name.

Reasons for Resigning

If resignation letters are generally written full of regret, a sarcastic resignation letter will be written with great pleasure. The point here, you don’t need to feel sorry for the work you left, but express that you are grateful for finally being able to leave the job or office.

Your Contact Information

The last thing you need to write is contact information if the company wants to discuss your resignation further. After that, correct your letter and sign it after you close it completely.

Sarcastic Resignation Letter Example

Writing a resignation letter that is full of sarcasm can be difficult, but if you want to write the format before officially leaving your company, check out the example below:

Dear Mr. Charles,

I am writing this letter to announce that I am finally resigning from First Company. I have got a new job so I no longer need to go to work for First Company, my resignation will take effect immediately. I will fax all the documents required by the company. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I regret having to leave this job.

I tried to write a resignation letter to minimalize the inconvenience to several parties in the company. If you need to discuss some matters regarding my resignation, please leave a message at (444)-4444-444 or email me at

During my four years with First Company, I felt uncomfortable and often stressed. I don’t need to explain too much, I’m sure you already know what I mean. I hope my new job will support and appreciate me more.



Helen Deborah


First Company

In short, the tone used in a sarcastic resignation letter is different from a letter of resignation in general. Hopefully, our brief descriptions and examples above can help you to write your letter.



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