A Short Example About Teacher Termination Letter

The teacher is one of the most honorable jobs in society. Unfortunately, some teachers fail to honor the trust of parents and schools. Meanwhile, the school must cut off the budget to make it efficient. To end a relationship between teacher and school, the most proper way is to use the teacher termination letter.


Can You Sue An Employer For Firing You?

yes! You are allowed to sue your employer for wrongly firing you. However, you have to make sure that your employer which in this case is the school, really broke the law. But when the school has reason to fire you, you are likely to lose in front of the court.

Can I Get Fired From School Without Warning?

Generally, the contract cannot be terminated without warning. However, it depends on the severance of the violation you did at the school. If what you did has disrupted the school environment, it is likely the contract will be terminated.

Reasons Teachers Can Be Terminated

Even though schools cannot terminate teachers directly, some bad cases lead to contract termination. Most cases that cause contract termination are unreasonable and intolerable such as immoral conduct, the conviction of a crime, fraud, etc. Schools might give early notice to teachers when they find teachers incompetent, neglecting duties, and not compliance with the laws.

How To Write A Teacher Termination Letter

Just like other termination letters, the format of this letter will depend on the school policies. Generally, the paragraph contains termination statements along with their effective date. For example, if a teacher is fired due to misconduct behavior, the letter must be written straightforward. Don’t forget to include another detail such as the final paycheck and other benefits.

The Sample Of A Teacher Termination Letter

The teacher termination letter example below is addressed to someone due to a teaching disability and incompetence in working. You can edit this example and use it for terminating contact with someone.

Dear Ms. Suzy,

We deeply regret to inform you that starting from February 1, 2021, your contract as a 3rd-grade science teacher in Palm School will be terminated. We have carefully done an investigation regarding your misconduct behavior during your role in this school.

Parents, staff, and students sent a lot of complaints about your behavior which made students skip studying as they should have been. We also have warned you to fix this problem and encourage you to comply with the rules in this institution. Instead, we received a lot of complaints and it has disrupted the teaching and learning process. Therefore, to keep the school environment conducive, we have decided

to end the contract.

We will send the details of the last paycheck including other benefits through mail and email. Furthermore, please return the school’s possessions such as laptops, books, and ID cards within three days. not returning the school’s properties will be considered stealing.

You can place the school possessions at the front office or call me at (555)555-555.

We wish you all the best and we hope you grasp a better path in the future. Thank you!




Dr. James Blenda

Education Director

Note that before sending a teacher termination letter, make sure you have a deep investigation and research why you have to take this decision. We hope our sample helps you.

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