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How to Make an Impressive Restaurant Manager Resume

A restaurant manager is a strategic position. Many people are interested in this role. If you are also interested in it, you have to send an application letter along with your resume. A hiring employer will look at your restaurant manager resume to decide whether you are a good candidate or not.

Sample of Restaurant Manager Resume

For your reference, we provide you a restaurant manager resume sample as seen below:

Justin Brown

111 Wilkinson Street, Tucson, AZ 99990



Restaurant manager with 5+ years of experience managing a fast-paced & high-quality 5-star restaurant. Able to train staff to the best standard of customer service, ensuring improved customer satisfaction, reduced turnover rates of staff, & increased sales with upselling techniques. Looking to use my excellent leadership skills as well as proven track record of helping restaurants achieves new level of efficiency and profitability for your establishment.

Professional Experience

JJ Bar, Tuscon, AZ

Restaurant Manager

August 2017 – August 2020

  • Hired, trained, and also coached safety & health standards in preparation, beverage & food knowledge, and customer service skills to 60+ staff members for the August 2017 restaurant grand opening.
  • Reduced variable costs by 10% through tighter controls on overtime expenditures as well as inventory waste.
  • Exceeded monthly sales goals consistently by a minimum of 12% by training staff on upselling techniques as well as creating a featured program of food & beverage.
  • Maintained an employee retention rate 30% higher than industry standard through motivational coaching tactics, periodic performance reviews, and management training programs.
  • Improved the profit margin of select menu items by 20% through switching to a local supplier with lower costs of ingredient.

Swiss Dishes, Phoenix, AZ

Restaurant Manager

June 2015 to 2017

  • Made a cross-training program ensuring staff members were able to confidently & effectively perform in all positions.
  • Improved customer engagement on accounts of company social media by 25% through interactive promotions & contests.
  • Provided all members of staff with extensive safety & health training, achieving a score of 98% from the Restaurant Health Inspection Committee.
  • Implemented a revised inventory system focused on storage conditions as well as ordered techniques resulting in a 10% decrease in losses incurred by food waste.


University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Diploma in Hospitality Management May 2015

GPA 3.8/4.0

Additional Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of the rules & regulations set by the US Labor Law, American Food Safety Institute, and the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills as well as the ability to maintain a positive attitude in high-stress situations
  • Familiarity with using Square POS systems, Zomato Base, Tillpoint, and Toast POS for training staff
  • Experience & proficiency in accounting operations (budget projections & allocation)

How to Write a Restaurant Manager Resume

To write an impressive restaurant manager resume, here is the step by step you will need to do:

  1. Begin with your contact information!
  2. Continue with a resume objective or summary!
  3. Highlight your professional experience!
  4. Include your education!
  5. List your additional skills!

People also ask

What Are the Restaurant Manager Responsibilities?

A restaurant manager leads and manages a restaurant. He/she is responsible for various tasks including marketing strategies, training, recruiting, hiring staff, overseeing quality, developing menus, and also greeting & serving guests.

What Makes a Great Restaurant Manager?

Even though many skills and abilities are required, a good restaurant manager should be able to communicate in a positive manner. Without it, your staff will have a difficult time coming together as a team. Besides that, moral will also be low. Communications & problem solving abilities are also needed.

Restaurant Manager Resume with No Work Experience

Becoming a restaurant manager mostly requires you to have some work experiences. However, this restaurant manager resume template can be used for you who have no work experience. With no experience, you should emphasize your leadership skills and your activities.

Restaurant Manager Resume Template Word

This resume template is available in Word. So, if you want to write a resume for a restaurant manager position, you can easily edit it to fit your needs. With this resume template Word, you will be able to write your own resume efficiently.

Restaurant Manager Resume for College

This restaurant manager resume template sample is appropriate for college. If you are still studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can use this resume. This resume uses the reverse-chronological layout where most recruiters prefer this format.

Resume for Restaurant Manager First Job

If you are just starting your first career as a restaurant manager, it seems difficult. However, it is not impossible. To make your resume stand out from the competition, you have to emphasize your skills. If you also have unpaid work experience, you should include them, too.

Restaurant Manager Resume Sample

This resume sample is designed for a restaurant manager position. If you want to write your own resume, you can use this sample because it is written professionally with a proper format. So, your resume will be able to impress your potential employer.

Restaurant Manager Resume Example

This example is designed for you who need inspirations for writing a resume for a restaurant manager position. This example is easy to read. It is also simple and concise. If you follow this example, your resume will be impressive. Then, the hiring employer will consider you as a good candidate.

Free Restaurant Manager Resume Template

This resume template is free to use. Anyone who wants to write a resume is allowed to use this resume template. You can use it anytime you want for multiple times. You can also adopt this resume template for any other job position you want to apply for. Anyway, this resume template is very useful & helpful.

Are you struggled to write a restaurant manager resume? We know that it is very challenging to make a resume stand out. That is why we provide you an example and important guidelines. After paying attention to the example & guidelines, you should practice writing it now.

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