Physician Retirement Letter and What to State Inside It

Retiring becomes the option to be chosen, especially when the time is coming. A physician will meet his or her last time of working. Well, to make a farewell and to keep a good relationship, especially with the patients, writing a physician retirementletter is a good idea.

The letter could be a style of communication. Since it is impossible to call all patients that have been cured for years, the letter could be the representative of the calling. Through the letter too, you –as the physician, also could state the retirement reason clearly.


What is the Physician Retirement Letter?

The physician retirement letter is a formal document that is made to announce the final day of your work. It can be sent to the management as formal permission of leaving the clinic or other health center. Then, this letter also could be sent to some patients, especially those who use your role for years.

Making a physician retirement letter is quite essential. Not only for a formal asking of retiring, this letter but also show the professionalism of you. As a senior physician, of course, there is a high attitude to be shown just to keep your integration.

What to Include in Physician Retirement Letter?

Substantively, you do not need to mention the detailed reason for retirement in this letter. However, when you need to state it, please make sure that the reason is positive. As a professional physician, of course, you cannot blame the institution.

On another hand, the physician retirement letter should consist of the intended final day of work. It is crucial information, so the management could prepare the next plan, especially for replacement. Then, the provisions of the transition are also needed to be included, when it is relevant.

Tips to Make Physician Retirement Letter

These are some tips to make a good physician retirement letter that you need to know, as follow:

  • Use an appropriate format of the physician retirement letter
  • Offer thanks and appreciation
  • Write some personal histories or memories at the company
  • Write about the plan after retirement
  • Write the latest contact information

Sample of Physician Retirement

Dear Patients,

It has been a great pleasure to serve all of you for the past 40 years as a family physician. As long as my career, I have had the privilege of meeting many great people and developing a special friendship. However, it is time for me to retire from my career.

Besides my retirement, please know that all medical records are safely on file at Hummer Hospital. When you decide to find another physician, you may follow the traditional routes.

Over the past five decades, I have watched many families in different cases. I appreciated the huge loyalty. Of course, it will make memories of me. However, I am sorry for the mistakes that I have done in our relationship. When you need more words from me, please contact me at (999) 142-1919.



That is all about the physician retirementletter that you need to know. Write it carefully and show the professionalism of you.



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