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How to Make 5 x 7 Recipe Cards Easily

A recipe card is a kind of card that contains a collection of recipes. You can create a recipe card yourself. Recipe cards are available in different sizes. In this article, we will focus on discussing 5 x 7 recipe cards. If you want to know how to create a recipe card, we provide some templates for you.

Who Needs a 5 x 7 Recipe Card Template?

If you want to put a collection of family recipes, you may need the following PSD 5 x 7 recipe card template. This recipe card is also designed for you who want to organize your favorite recipes. You may also need it as a gift for someone.

Then, this recipe card will be needed by those who would like to make a collection of recipes for a family heirloom. It is also needed by an organization, someone who wants to make a recipe guide, and a writer who wants to submit certain recipes to publishing.

What to Include in a 5 x 7 Recipe Card Template

A 5 x 7 recipe card PSD should contain the following details. It should come with a title first. The title depends on the recipe you want to make. For example, you can write “Pizza Recipes”. After that, you can directly describe the recipe.

You are allowed to add one or more than one recipe on this card. Make sure that it contains step by step how to cook something. To make it easy to understand, the recipe must be presented in form of lists. Do not forget to state the needed materials for preparation.

Then, it is a good idea to add an image to the PSD 5 x 7 recipe card. The image must be relevant to the recipe. An image will make your recipe card much more interesting. You are allowed to add more than one image to ease people to understand the recipe.

Recipe Cards Vs Cookbooks

Recipe cards are different from cookbooks. A recipe card mostly contains a single recipe only even though it is possible to present 2 recipes on a single recipe card. On the other side, a cookbook contains multiple recipes presented in multiple sheets of paper.

So, we can say that a 5 x 7 recipe card template PSD is the simpler form of a cookbook. They have the same purposes. With either a recipe card or cookbook, you will be able to cook certain recipes by following detailed step by step.

Editable 5 x 7 Recipe Card Templates

Creating a recipe card can be frustrating because it takes a lot of time and effort. So, we suggest you use our template. All of the templates available in this article are not only downloadable but also editable, workable, usable, and well-designed.

So, just feel free to find and use your desired template from our collections. After that, you can directly edit it using Adobe Photoshop. Anyway, you can create 5 x 7 recipe cards effortlessly with our editable templates.

5 x 7 Recipe Cards Design Ideas

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