15+ Professional letterhead examples designs template

One of important aspect from the business letter is letterhead. Letterhead is a critical element for all business, as this represents as the branding tool and for advertising.


What are letterhead examples?

The letterhead examples are the letterhead templates that you can download and use to custom into your business letterhead. There are many letterhead examples that fit with any business letter.

The purpose of letterhead examples

  •    As a corporate identity. The letterhead is another way for ingrain the image of the company logo into public minds. Letterhead will play the role of company identity as all sent from the company should be integrated and recognizable.
  •    Adding visual interest. The letterhead design should not so crowded and add interest the recipients to the page.
  •    Contact information. A letterhead should include contact information from the company.
  •    Authenticity. The letterhead should show the recipients that the company business is reliable and has good reputation company.
  •    Communication. The letterhead is a type of written communication from the company to their client.

How to make letterhead examples with word

  • Make the list of what information that should include at your letterhead. Most of this list should be included in your letterhead: Sole trader (your name, the business name, business address and VAT number, Partnership, limited company and other information such as contact phone number, email address, social account profiles, or website address.
  • Get the basic form of letterhead. First, choose the software you want to create your letterhead. Using software such as Word or Pages is the simplest layout, but it has a limitation on graphics or texting layout.  You can choose other programs that have more flexibility for design and texting layouts such as Adobe or Photoshop.
  •    Sketch the layout of your letterhead.
  •    Launch Microsoft Word.
  •    Open new blank document
  •    Insert the header
  •    Enter the letterhead text
  •    Add your brand logo to the header
  •    Adjust the position and sizing the logo. Ensure it is visible and balance with the letterhead text.
  •    Consider for adding other interesting visual elements to attract attention.
  •    Consider for insert tagline in the footer
  •    Review the letterhead you have created
  •    Save the letterhead templates

Guidelines to create letterhead examples

  •    Use a beautiful border. Be colorful (do not restrict your letterhead with monochromatic and minimalist design) can lead stunning and color out letterhead. Border also helps to frame any content in the letterhead.
  •    Use geometric with the graphic background for more eye-catching style in the letterhead.

If you are looking for free letterhead examples designs, this can be your inspiration to create your own. You can download in any format that you need.

  •    Personal letterhead template. The first examples allow you to insert the personal branding logo as your business letterhead.
  •    Letterhead for the professional photographer. The photographer is a creative business, so you need to make your business letterhead as interest as you can. This idea can inspire you with film strip as the border frame in the left side.
  •    Professional corporate letterhead template. This is best for you who need professional letterhead with a pointer into the paragraphs that you make. As there are paragraph pointers then you need to make the letterhead as simple as you can.

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