13+ Reference List Template for Job Application

What do you know about reference list template? Do you even understand what a reference list? This is a common term among jobseekers – you probably have heard it somewhere. But do you know what it should include?

Understanding More about Reference List in the Work Field

As the name suggests, a reference list refers to the lists of (your) references. But should you always include this kind of list in your resume? If you do, whom should you include? What should (and shouldn’t) you do when having this kind of list. In the event that the hiring managed has asked you to include this reference list, you must have impressed her/him with your skills and application materials – leading to them asking for your reference lists. It is most likely that they will contact the people in your lists so they can be sure about your qualifications.

Reference List Facts

Here are some facts that you should know about the list, so you can consult the right reference list template for your needs:

  • The list will provide the hiring manager several professional contacts that can vouch for your quality and qualification. When the hiring manager contact these people, these people can recommend you – providing information about your skills, strengths, experience, and abilities
  • Basically, the reference list enables a way for the hiring manager to perform a background check. They will likely ask about your working history, personal conduct, and also personal social skills (whether you are cooperative or not, whether you are able to work in a team or not, etc)
  • You don’t need to include the reference list within the resume unless the hiring manager asks for it.
  • The reference checking generally takes place by the end of the application procedure.
  • Never mix your reference list with your resume – they should be separated.
  • Although it is good to have a reference list ready upon request, you don’t want to include such an information in your resume (usually at the bottom). NEVER write ‘I have prepared a reference list upon request or when you ask for one’. You statement will make (your) resume look old and then outdated.
  • Don’t forget to ask people in your reference list whether it is okay to include them. You need to inform them that you are going to include them in the list – while asking for ‘permission’ at the same time. If they are okay, then you can continue with the list.
  • Thank the people in your list properly. You may be able to get the job because of your ability but then again, a strong recommendation and a convincing reference also help you land the job. They have the share in your success in getting the job.

Remember to compose the reference list properly. Include their full names, their titles, and also the company of your previous working history. You should also include the information about your relationship – whether they are your former supervisor or manager or head office. That’s why having the reference list template can be helpful because it makes the listing job easier.

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