20+ Business Letter Template for Different Purposes

Knowing the right business letter template can help you polish your reputation. You can both look professional. When you send out the business letter, you know which structure to use for a certain purpose. In this way, you can avoid making mistakes and errors without having to worry about tarnishing your reputation.


The Term Business Letters

Business letter is a written documents sent from one company to another. Basically, it is a letter that is sent to external parties – between organizations, or between a company and clients, or such thing alike. The language is formal and the tone is professional. The purpose can be various: to inform, to reject, to offer, to remind, to persuade, or even to apologize.

How to Write a Business Letter

You should know that there are different kinds of business letters. That’s why there are different business letter template formats available for different needs. But there are some general standards that you should follow:

  • Your information. Whether you are an employee working for a certain company or you are the owner, including the info about your company is crucial. It should have your company’s name and address.
  • The date. Write it in a complete manner than just abbreviate it. Instead of writing 9-9-2018, you can say September 9 2018.
  • The address and name of the recipient. It should also includes the position in the company.
  • The salutation. Keep in mind that salutation isn’t just a greeting – it is the respect indicator. Based on the salutation, you can tell whether you know the recipient, how well you know him/her, and the formality level.
  • The body. This is the part where your message should be written in a clear and direct language. Avoid beating around the bushes –be straight. Just cut to the chase. Trust me, if you are using clear language, you will be highly appreciated and respected.
  • The closing. You can use formal tone (Cordially, Regards, or Sincerely) or the informal one (best, all the best, warm regards, or best wishes)
  • The signature. You should sign your name with blue or black ink.
  • Sender’s contact info. Whether it is your title, phone number, or email address, make sure to write them after the signature section.

Types of Business Letters

If you know the types of business letters, knowing which business letter template to use can make things easier.

  • Sales letter, which generally includes the perks and encouragement to do the action right away
  • Complaint letter. Use professional tone and be direct if you want your letter to be addressed. Avoid using swear words or foul languages.
  • Order letter which usually includes the products’ name, model number, expected price, and the numbers wanted.
  • Inquiry letter. As the name suggests, the letter is looking for information or answer to the questions. If you have more than one question, it would be wise to keep them in a list for easier reading. Don’t forget to use direct language and tone.

There are actually more types of business letters that you can look around, including recommendation letters, adjustment letters, and follow up letters. If you know where to look, you can find the perfect business letter template to meet your demands.

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