7+ Cover Letter Formats Template for Professional Effect

Knowing the right cover letter format can really make a difference between getting yourself the position that you want or having your application letter ignored and rejected. Not many people know what a cover letter is – a surprise, isn’t it? So, read further to know the details.


About the Cover Letter

A cover letter is a written document that is sent along your resume that contains the additional or extra information about your experience or skills. When you want to apply for a job, send the application letter, the CV, a resume, and the cover letter.

Writing the Right Cover Letter

Here is the basic cover letter format that you should know:

  • The job title that includes the information about the job you are looking or applying for
  • The information about the job opening (where you get the info from). If you have the referral, you can also include it
  • The information about the right qualification for the position. You need to be specific about it such as ‘I was responsible for the XYR scanning ability while I was still working at Google’ or ‘I was the team leader of BMW M3 latest development that increased their sales number in 2011.’
  • The information about how your skills and abilities can be beneficial for the new position. It would be advisable if you can learn about the company’s goals, values, and missions, as well as the job description that matches your qualifications.
  • Gratitude expression for being considered

The Guidelines

When you are writing the cover letter, it would be nice to know the basic cover letter format so you can minimize the possibility of mistakes. What are the elements to consider?

  • Header. Start your letter with your contact info (as well as the employer’s) and then followed by a date. So, it should be the phone number, address, email, and name, and then the date.  If the letter is sent via email, your contact info should be included in the end, right after the signature.
  • Salutation. It is always better to start with Ms. or Mr. or Dr. (last name). If you don’t know the name, writing ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ is better than writing ‘To Whom It May Concern’.
  • Introduction. In this section, state what vacancy you are applying for, how do you hear about the position, and how your skills match the requirements for the job.
  • Body. In this section, you should provide information why want the position and why you think you would be perfect for it. This is where you show off your experience or skills from the resume.
  • Closing. Make a simple but strong closing, such as how you are going to be the perfect candidate for the job because of your skills and experience. Also state that you are okay with the chance of interview or any further discussion. Don’t forget to say thank you for the time.
  • Signature and complete name.

Now that you already know the details and functions of the cover letter, be sure to find reliable sources for spot-on cover letter format to help you with your professional career.

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