Short Notice Resignation Letter and the example 

A short notice resignation letter is one of the important letters that should be arranged when you want to resign from your company. This letter is an important document to write for your employer when you are deciding to leave your position in the company. Therefore, you have to arrange this letter properly.


What are the things to include in a short notice resignation letter?

When you are writing this short notice resignation letter idea, you need to arrange this letter with a formal tone. In this letter, you also need to notify your manager and other leaders of your departure. This letter is a document that is provided to an individual’s employer that state’s intention to resign from their current position.

How to arrange a short notice resignation letter

To arrange this short notice resignation letter template, you need to pay attention to the step of writing. The following steps will help you to arrange the letter easy to understand.

  • You have to apply your letter with a business letter format which is easy to read and show the professional effort
  • You also need to state the position you are resigning from the effective date to help you stating on the topic and let the receiver know the certain purpose of the letter
  • Remember to explain why you are resigning on short notice to make them understand your reason

Tips to write a short notice resignation letter

Furthermore, you also will need some tips to arrange this letter easy to understand. The tips will make your short notice resignation letter format interesting and easy to read. Here are some tips:

  • You have to express the gratitude before you conclude the letter
  • Using the header that states the recipient’s first and last name, position, address, and the date you are
  •    submitting
  • Ensure that your effective resignation date is correct before you move on to the next step of your letter

The example of a short notice resignation letter

To facilitate you in writing this letter, you also need to read some short notice resignation letter examples. The example will give the inspiration to make a proper letter well.

Here is a sample of the letter:

Dear Mr. Andrew,

I am writing this formal resignation effective June 12, 2016, from my position as a waiter at the Japanese Restaurant of Kentucky. I am resigning with short notice due to move to other cities with my family and I hope you accept my apologies for this letter on short notice. 

I want to express my thank you for the opportunities this restaurant has provided me over the past five years I have worked here. I also appreciate your understanding and I am desire to help with making this transition easier over the next few days. 

If you need more information after my departure, you can call me at 444-999-7772. Thank you very much for your cooperation and consideration. 



Tony Adam


Japanese Restaurant of Kentucky 

That is all about a short notice resignation letter. You only need to include detailed information about your leaving the job. This idea will make readers easy to understand your letter.


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