9+ Magic unicorn silhouette vector template

Everyone has their magical world where they created and use in their imaginary thinking. If you have skill in arts and drawing, you can use unicorn silhouette for creating DIY wall décor and more pieces of stuff with this unicorn silhouette.

What is unicorn silhouette?

The unicorn silhouette is the art graphic that consists of the magical fantasy animal of the horse with the horn. This is fancy and magical as most of the unicorn said it can fly with wings.

The purposes of unicorn silhouette

As it is stated beyond that unicorn silhouette is a type of art drawings. You can use this unicorn silhouette template for any decoration use. You can make it a sticker, wall décor, and many more.

How to create vector unicorn silhouette

If you want to create your own vector unicorn silhouette, you can use Photoshop or Illustrator. Here is a method with Photoshop to create your unicorn silhouette.

  •    Open image in Photoshop (the image we use is the unicorn image that you can get from the internet. Any drawing image on the internet is allowed.
  •    Convert the image into black and white by click image>adjust>desaturation
  •    Go to quick mask Mode by pressing the letter Q in the keyboard. Use a large brush for draw over to the unicorn. This step creates entirely shape for your unicorn silhouette
  •    Exit from quick mask mode by press Q keyboard again. Invest the selected image by a press (CMD+Shift+l).
  •    Create the new layer by a press (CMD+Shift+N) and fill the empty selection with this new layer and click Edit>fill. Choose black in the icon Content
  •    Delete or turn off the original image layer.
  •    Choose the contents of the filling layer (CMD+clicking) on the thumbnail layer.
  •    Copy with pressing (CMD+C) and then head into the illustrator.
  •    Once in Illustrator, press (CMD+V) for copying the image.
  •    Choose the sketched Art>Image Trace Panel. If the panel does not appear, click Window >image trace.
  •    Click Object>expand and the image will turn into editable unicorn silhouette vector

Printable unicorn silhouette templates

The other way for using unicorn silhouette is to download the printable. It gives you a lot of option to use unicorn silhouette that suit with your requirement.

  •    The magical unicorn silhouette. This is the sparkling unicorn silhouette under the tree. With the black background and sparkling golden tree and unicorn, this can be a great idea to make as your bedroom decor.
  •    Free unicorn silhouette with wings. The next idea is the unicorn silhouette with flying wings. It looks handsome with the horse preparing to fly move.
  •    Black and white unicorn silhouette. It is a unique unicorn silhouette that you can use for simple décor as it only drawn half of the horse.
  •    Unicorn silhouette clip art. If you love minimalist drawing; this can be a great option. It has a lot of unicorn silhouette in a paper and different color, size, and movement. It is great to use for your book cover and painting.
  •    Unicorn silhouette head. If you have limited space for creating décor with unicorn silhouette, you can use only the head unicorn silhouette.   It is simple and available in any space you want.

The mythical unicorn usually depicted with single large, spiraling horn in the forehead, and beautiful fur. It is a great thing to have unicorn silhouette décor in your home.

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