Termination Letter for Insubordination and Its Possible Reasons

Sometimes, terminating employees becomes a decision that should be chosen by the employer. It is hard but sometimes it becomes the solution to control the company and manage the problem. That is why the termination letter for insubordination becomes an important letter to be known.

This letter includes a formal letter. As its name, the main purpose of this letter is to inform you that a specific employee has been terminated from his or her position. However, an employer should have certain and clear reasons for terminating.


What is a Termination Letter for Insubordination?

The termination letter for insubordination is a letter that notifies the employee that he or she has been terminated or fired. Inside this letter, there are some lists of the next steps that the employee needs to do, including their last period.

On another hand, the termination letter also tells about the payment. Of course, the terminated employee has the right to be paid. However, some companies may have different rules about the completed payment.

What are Possible Reasons for Termination Letter for Insubordination?

These are some possible reasons for terminating the employee to save the running of the company. Some matters that commonly become the reason why an employee is fired are:

  • Capability or performance issues
  • Misconduct
  • Redundancy
  • Other substantiated reasons, including conflict of interest, expiry of the fixed-contract, and others

How to Make a Good Termination Letter for Insubordination?

Some points could guide you to make the termination letter easily. The points are:

  • Add the personal information of the employee, such as name, ID number, position, and others
  • Add the name of the supervisor or manager that handle the termination
  • Write the detailed severance and compensation that the terminated employee will get
  • Write the detailed properties or other details that the fired employee needs to return
  • Tells about the detailed possible reasons for terminating

Sample of Termination Letter for Insubordination

There is a simple sample of the termination letter to be written. You could use it as another reference to ease your job.

The sample is:

Dear Ms. Margareta

This letter is sent to formally announce that your position with Red Company has been terminated. The detailed letter will be effective on June 15, 2019.

Here, you are being terminated for insubordination. It is the third strike of you in this regard. We try to improve the skills and capabilities of any worker by our system. That is why we always check the performance of the workers through the documents. Unfortunately, we find no significant performance of you in a certain period.

It is hard for us to terminate our beloved employee. However, we have principals and the running of the company should be kept maximally. That is why we only accept employees with high determination and seriousness to develop.

Your final payment will be paid before your leaving. We feel sorry for this situation but we try to do the best. If you have any questions, you could call the human resource.

That is all about the termination letter for insubordination. Find a certain template of this letter to help you create a good letter.


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