Maternity Leave To Parents for Keeping a Good Relationship

For the teacher, operator of daycare, or other works that need to keep in touch with the children, an individual needs to make good communication to the parents. For example, when you –as a teacher or an operator, needs to prepare the birth, making a maternity leave to parents is needed.

This letter is quite essential to keep a good relationship with parents. Besides, the letter also will ease you to build better communication. Since you are unable to make a conversation for every parent, the letter could represent you.


What Does Maternity Leave To Parents Mean?

A maternity leave letter is a professional document to be made as a medium to communicate with the parents of the children that you handle. Through this letter, you could make every parent know and understand the date of the absence to prepare the birth.

On another hand, this letter also could be an announcement, especially about the replacement of who will handle the jobs during your absence. Because the parents need to read and prepare future planning, of course, you need to write this letter some times before your absence.

Why Send a Maternity Leave To Parents?

Sending a maternity leave letter to parents is important and crucial. This letter could be a base matter for the management to prepare the next step or the replacement, so the whole program could be run maximally without any problem.

For the parents, this maternity leave letter will be useful to help them prepare what kind of changes to be faced by their children. Of course, this letter also can be a way to build a close relationship with the parents.

Guidelines to Make Maternity Leave To Parents

A maternity leave letter includes a formal kind of business letter. These are some basic guidelines that you need to know during making it. The guidelines are:

  • Use the proper format of the letter
  • Include the detailed date and address of the letter
  • Include the address of the recipient completely
  • Use a proper salutation
  • Explain the reason for writing the maternity leave letter
  • Provide a workload proposal
  • Set the expectation for communication with the parents
  • Explain a plan for the transition
  • Express gratitude
  • Include name and signature to close the letter

Sample of Maternity Leave To Parents

Dear Mrs. Salma

Through this letter, I want to inform you –and all parents about my maternity leave. I want to temporarily leave my job during birth preparation. The leaving will be official on December 28. Seeing the circumstance, I expect to back to my routine job around March.

In my absence, the principal has assigned Mrs. Dewita to handle my classes and some administrative needs. I trust that she could do all the jobs well since she is an experienced teacher with a great record.  

As often as I can, I will continue to answer the email from the parents to make sure that every program could be run maximally. Thank you very much for your attention and permission.



The maternity leave to parents should be written at least two weeks before the departure. It will give time for the management to do some changes.



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