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Everything to Consider Before Creating the 3rd Grade Book Report Template

Today, a book report, especially, 3rd-grade book report template is a great thing to talk about. The elementary school has a goal to help the students learn and understand the basics in subjects with a wide range. Especially in the third grade, students generally begin to study how to understand and write about the ideas of abstract in the education theirs. One of the efforts to write a book report that student should perform includes reading or understanding a book and then making a report. At this age, students have good abilities to read and understand dynamic ideas and themes so a report of the book helps the students demonstrate well the comprehension of the book. Then, how to make a book report for the third-grade students?

Making a Book Report template

Actually, there are some different forms of the book reports. The book report types that are effective includes character analyses, theme analyses, and plot summaries. Well, writing a report of books will help students practice providing their opinion related to the various aspects of the book, like an author’s dialogue or description use. When you as a teacher intend to create a 3rd-grade book report template for your students, whatever the book types, ensure that you engage your students to complete the basic elements. It is important for conveying why they are interested to read such a book. The basic elements are:

  • The book report type that you write
  • The book title
  • The book author
  • The time chronologically when the events or stories have taken place
  • The location where the events or stories have taken place
  • The characters’ name and a short description of the characters mentioned in the story
  • Statements or quotations in the book for supporting your own opinion

The types of book report effective for third-grade students

Plot summary

If you engage the students of yours to write a summary of the plot for their book report, they should not retell the book story so simply. They have to give an explanation about their opinion related to the story and the reason for their feeling about the plot whether it is sappy, unrealistic, or compelling. It will be a perfectly great book report when they are able to analyze well the plot. Students can support their own opinion by placing the quotations or statements contained in the book.

An analysis of the character

If your students write an analysis of character, they will try greatly explore the personality and physical traits of all people or characters, and also their action way will affect the book plot.

  • Exploring how all character dress and also get the impression
  • Analyzing the positive characteristics that all characters have possessed
  • Analyzing whether the characters have a fatal flaw
  • Taking dialogue sentences and then analyzing the characters’ speaking way. Discussing all the characters’ chosen words and how the words can affect others.
  • Then, students can explain how the characters have made the plot of the story move forward.


It is also a good way to make a book report. Why? Because by picking the book theme, students can easily write. Students will try to bring all their feelings and thoughts as a good read into a great report for showing the theme of power. Before discussing their thoughts, they have to get what the theme of the book is and how the theme has appeared in the book’s story.

Well, those are everything to know before creating a 3rd-grade book report template.

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