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The Basic Elements to Take in 3×4 Name Badge Template

What is the importance of name badge, especially a 3×4 name badge template at this time? Now is the era of high technology that is all digital. There is already digital mail, the telephone can see the face of the person directly.

It is true, a technology that is very advanced as it is today certainly changes people’s habits. From what was originally completely physical (can be held and felt), now everything can be seen from a gadget alone. Even though that is the case, a name badge is still the most powerful promotional tool. How could it be?

About name badge at a glance

A name badge is small pieces of paper that have a certain size used to show someone’s identity. In a name badge, you will find various kinds of information about a person. Starting from the name, company, telephone number, cellphone number, email, address, and other information.

There are also those who add a company logo, a photo of themselves, and even a QR code in it. The goal, of course, is to complement the information on the name badge and make it look more attractive.

The basic elements in 3×4 name badge template

Besides you have to pay attention to the size that already has a standard, you have to know that the contents of the name badge also need to be considered, especially in a 3×4 name badge template.

Don’t let you make a name badge that loses its mandatory element. Because it is mandatory, if the elements are not there, of course, the name badge will be invalid.


Name is the most important element and must be on a name card or name badge. The name entered can be an individual or a company name. People will certainly find out about you or a company from their name first, right?

So, like it or not, the name must be entered on the name badge. And usually, this information is the main thing and it is clear and striking. If someone works at a company, usually there is the company name and the name of the owner of the name badge.

Contact Information

The purpose of making a name badge is so that other people know information about us. So, usually, they find out someone’s information, starting from the name, company, job, and contacts who can be contacted.

Therefore, you are required to also enter contacts on the name badge that is created. It’s not funny if you have a name card that only contains names. How would other people contact or know more about you? You can enter more than one contact who can be contacted. For example, cellphone numbers, WA numbers, and e-mails.

Anyway, just write down the contact information that makes it easier for other people to contact you. But remember, write what you open it often. If someone calls and you never open the contact, that’s the same.


This address is no less important on the name badge. The existence of the address is an indicator if you or your company really exist and can be searched.

Usually, the address entered on a name badge is the office address. So, if other people are looking for you, they can just come to the office. The written address must also be clear, starting from the street name, building number, city, to the Postal code.

So, are you ready to create your own 3×4 name badge template? Good luck!

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