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Personal Trainer Resume to land the job easily

Getting a job as a personal trainer can be tough because the competition is fierce. Moreover, you need to arrange a personal trainer resume that will help you to ensure the recipient about your qualities and capabilities. Therefore, you need to arrange this resume properly to make the employer or hired manager understand.

You have to understand that a personal trainer has to be energetic, motivating, and personable. Because of that, your personal trainer resume idea should be arranged properly to make it impressive to read. Your resume will be a reflection of your brand and who you are as a person so that you need to make it well-written.

The example of a personal trainer resume

To inspire you to write this resume, you can follow the example below. The sample will guide you to write the letter without any difficulties.

Jack Wilson

Personal info

Phone: (888)-888-7777

Email: wilsonjack78@gmail.com


Personal trainer with 5+ years of experience of health and wellness experience across multiple fitness centers. Having a proven track record in helping clients achieve fitness goals through customized exercise programs and diet plans. Consistently improves fitness center revenue targets by developing a new program and retaining clients.


Personal trainer

Planet Fitness, Miami/ June 2018 – present

  • Help 100 customers per month with a track record of helping 70% of clients reach fitness goal within the first 6 months
  • Design personalized programs and nutritional plans for clients for optimal results
  • Give exceptional customer service, securing 40% of new clients through referral
  • Check all gym equipment for proper use and functions and minimizing accidents or malfunction

Personal trainer

Fresh Fitness Center, Miami/ April 2015 – May 2018

  • Instructed clients on proper equipment use as well as exercise to do at home
  • Taught body combat fitness classes to over 30 students per class
  • Exceeded revenue target by 20% within 3 months
  • Co-improved new fitness programs with management with a successful implementation that increased sales revenue by 34%


B.S. Health Education

Michigan University

Key skills 

  • First-Aid and PCR level C
  • Certified ACE group exercise instructor
  • Organization and periodization
  • Problem-solving and team leadership


  • English
  • German

How to create a personal trainer resume

When you want to arrange this personal trainer resume idea, you need to pay attention to the training and the physical therapy. In this resume, you also need to pay attention to the following steps to make it great to read.

  • Mention all the special course you have taken and if you have worked in the field before
  • You also need to mention your areas of expertise because each fitness trainer has areas to specialize in
  • Remember to not make your resume unnecessarily long or elaborate
  • Keep your resume as simple and precise as possible to make it easy to read
  • Check and recheck it before you print the resume

What should a personal trainer put on a resume?

Your personal trainer resume format design will be great if you pay attention to the following idea on your resume. Here are some of the ideas to follow:

1) Format your personal trainer resume correctly and pick a well-respected resume format

2) Write your summary because it will be the overview of your personal trainer experience and use it if you have got the right room full

3) Apply the action verbs for your personal trainer resume such as design, develop, sell, advise, and so forth

4) Add weight to your professional experience section to make the best way to do the list

How do I write a personal trainer resume?

Furthermore, you also need to pay attention to some ideas that will make your resume impressive to read. Here are some ideas to follow:

1) Describe your achievements on your personal trainer by describing it to show you get results

2) If you have experience, you can include your skills and list them in detail one

3) Your file format should depend on what the hiring manager asks for

4) Remember you need to include your contact information, professional summary, list of skills, and so forth

Kinds of a personal trainer resume

Besides, the personal trainer resume design idea also has many types that can be selected as your choice. The types of this resume will depend on the position you want to apply for this job position as well.

Individual Fitness Personal Trainer Resume

This resume is simple but it will make the recipient understanding the content of your resume. The resume is easy to download and edit and it will make it impressive because it is written in a word format and will be fully customizable.

Entry-level Personal Trainer Resume

The resume will be perfect because you can use this template to apply for an entry-level job as a fitness trainer. The resume also will be helpful for you who have no experience because it will emphasize the skills and also the capabilities you have rather than the experience.

Personal fitness trainer resume

Since this resume is in PDF format, you have to download and view the content. You also can follow the design, layout, and pattern if you want a stunning resume for yourself. The resume is simple but it is short and clear to show your capabilities as well.

Example personal trainer resume

The example of this resume will lead you to make it simple. You only need to follow the example of this resume because it is in word and you can customize and edit it suitable to your needs.

Assistant personal trainer resume

The template also contains all the relevant information organized in a neat and tidy manner. The resume is mentioned in neat little points so that this resume will be precise and to the point to read.

Because of that, you will have more advantages when you have this personal trainer resume. This resume is simple and easy to follow. You only need to mention all the special courses you have taken and if you have worked in the field, you can include it in the job experience.


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