High School English Teacher Cover Letter with Its Additional Preparation to Get into The Job Interview

Educators, these days, getting more and more complex situations within the teaching and learning process. It requires educators to possess sufficient qualifications, whether it is soft skills and hard skills. That’s why you should include your relevant achievements within the high school English teacher cover letter to pave your way through the job interview.

High School English Teacher Responsibilities

Prior to be a high school English teacher, you may need to know what are their responsibilities. Below are their responsibilities to mention just a few.

English teachers are to:

  • Read through and comprehend the lesson plans and the high school curricula.
  • Develop and design lesson plans, teaching strategies, and develop engaging learning and teaching environment.
  • Formulate the students’ assessments both the informal and the formal ones.
  • Grade the assignments, tests, exams, quizzes
  • Communicate with the students, students’ parents or guardians, and other teachers in the field regarding underperformance students and other concerns.
  • Employ technologies to improve lesson delivery.
  • Ensure all of the requirements, including school, curriculum, and state requirements are met.
  • Stay up-to-date to the recent phenomenon and incorporate them into the lesson in order to make them more relevant to the students.

Besides, being an English teacher in a high school should possess several skills to succeed in the learning and teaching process. The following are the skills an English teacher to posses.

High School English Teachers Required Skills

  • Exquisite English pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and 4 English main skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking)
  • Confidence to deliver motivating and engaging lessons
  • Ability to develop their teaching materials
  • Ability to design the assessment
  • Master the subject
  • Capability to employ technologies in the classroom
  • Keep up with the most recent methods and theories for English teachers
  • Practical skills (incorporating learning in the practice e.g. learning English within drama play)

Make sure you have at least several of the skills and ensure you met the requirements in the openings. When you recognize that you are in fit with the openings, continue to the phase of writing the cover letter. Refer to the following sample to inspire you to write it.

Dear Mr. Hennesey

I am writing to communicate my interest in the position of High School English teacher at New Pelicans High School.

I graduated in time with a very satisfying record and earn my bachelor’s degree with an additional focus on teaching and learning materials development. I completed my current state teaching license and finished a teaching program to obtain my classroom experience.

I possess the knowledge and training practice to design lesson plans and teaching materials which encourage the students to apply the proper use of English, proper grammar, and also writing and spelling technique. In addition, I am creative enough to create my lessons interesting enough to win the students’ attention and make them eager to learn more and more. Also, I can design the test which helps to evaluate the students’ performance.

I have good communication skills in transmitting information to the school elements clearly and understandable. The enclosed resume comprises a comprehensive look at my skills and educational background and I am confident I am the perfect fit for this job.

You can contact me by phone at (123)123123123 and I am looking forward to meeting with you soon.

Yours Respectfully,


Jeanne Van



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