5+ Project Charter Template Sample


Project Charter Template Sample and Examples

Well, do you understand an incredible value in drafting a good project charter – and how to make the best project charter template sample? This guide will be so beneficial for anyone who leads or manages the project. Ensure that your project charter should be made in a good way and still on track.

You may wonder about how you can use the project charter in different phases in project management in a cycle life related to project management. You will find out the project charter samples as well.

So, what is a project charter? 

Usually, it includes objectives, scope, and people who were involved in a project. At least, this is a definition of the basic project charter that you can find through the internet. It may be wrong, but it indeed focused on elements of project charter rather than the purposes. This is a very abstract definition.

You should know that it misses the fact that this template is an important documented authorization for your project. The operation term was the charter and it has the same meaning when it is used in the law sense. It gives the project manager the authority to use the organization resource to run the project.

Why is the project charter template sample important?

As mentioned before that how a good project chapter should start your project and keep it to stay on the track. When you consider this template more in-depth, there are some perspectives should be involved:

  • Help you to decide the project value, help you to decide whether it is worth to go or just purpose the project
  • Give you a clear explanation about the budget, ensure that the funding was available and it would be released on time. Establishing the authority and your outcome budget before starting the project
  • It saves more time, the time that you take in the beginning is the time that you do not spend for troubles. Guessing and negotiation if you have discussed these fields in a project charter
  • It helps you to get a clear guide to your team, the milestone and criteria for better measurement gives you a valuable guide for your team when you explaining the project
  • Inspired your confidence, it warrants the team that they working under an effective project manager and well organized.

Project Charter Example

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