5+ 4 Generation Family Tree Template


Editable 4 Generation Family Tree Template with 10 Samples

A 4 generation family tree template is an effective tool to build a family tree by a group of age. The template provides various formats and layouts of family tree generation examples. If you have a task or want to create a 4-generation family tree, let’s pay attention to the following samples and guides!

4-generation Family Tree Template Samples

This article contains a collection of PSD 4-generation family tree template samples. One of the examples you can find in this article is a 4-generation family tree digital that comes with an elegant illustration. Besides that, there is also a 4-generation family tree with birds.

Then, a 4-generation silhouette family tree also belongs to one of the sample templates available here. The next sample template is a dinosaur 4-generation family tree. And there are still many others. Because there are many options, you have to choose the most appropriate template for your needs.

How to make a 4-generation Family Tree on Word

With our 4-generation family tree template PSD, you will be able to create your desired family tree easily. However, it is important to know how to create it on Word. In fact, Ms. Word provides a collection of family tree templates.

Alternatively, you can also consider using the hierarchy function. With this function, you will be able to make a family tree from scratch. However, it will take a lot of time and effort. So, if you want an effortless way, it is better to use our editable template.

Creating a 4-generation Family Tree on Excel

A PSD 4-generation family tree template can also be created using Ms. Excel. You just need to launch the Excel program first. After that, start a new document on Excel. Now, you should go to the menu and click “File”. To make a family tree, you should click “New” and choose a template.

Next, you should click “Shape”. Now, you can choose your desired shape to create a family tree. Even though Excel also provides sample templates, creating a family tree is still frustrating. To ease your task, we suggest you use our customizable template.

What to Include in a 4-generation Family Tree

Before you use our 4-generation family tree Photoshop template, you have to know what to include in a family tree. The first thing you will have to include must be the title. After that, you can start creating a family tree and fulfill the data.

In the case of a 4-generation family tree, it should begin from the parents of your grandparents. After that, you can continue with your grandparents. Then, it should be followed by the names of your parents and children. Here, you belong to the children in this family tree.

A 4 generation family tree template may not only include the names of your family. However, you can also consider mentioning their birth and death anniversaries. If you want to add any other important details, just feel free to write them to make this family tree easier to understand.

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