Visa Application Letter to Facilitate the Traveling

The visa application letteris a document that is written to facilitate the made process of visa. It could be an attached document that will make the visa process becomes faster. As we know, when someone wants to travel to a different country, they need to bring a visa.

Visa is an important card since it also becomes a thing to legalize attendance. With this card, a traveler will have the right to stay at a certain time. The visa application letter is a formal document and in common it is made by a company, a friend, or maybe a family member.


Visa Application Letter Format and Content

The visa application letter should be shown detailed information about the trip. Since the destination country has a certain rule, of course, the government has the right to know the detailed trip for every foreign that come to the country.

On another hand, as a common cover letter, this letter also should include the basic contact information of the applicant and the sponsoring company. The purpose of the travel, the length of the stay, the completed date of arrival and departure, and the statement guaranteeing that there is no financial problem are needed to be written.

What to Do in Making Visa Application Letter?

These are some tips that you may follow when you want to make a good visa application letter. The tips to be considered are:

  • Finding a certain format of the visa application letter
  • Use the formal language option and wording choice
  • Use a professional tone to get a positive impression
  • State the detailed information clearly
  • Make only a page visa application letter

Things to Avoid in Making Visa Application Letter

Since the visa application letter is a formal document, there are also some matters that you need to avoid when you want to make it. Using any ambiguous word inside this letter is forbidden. The ambiguous word only will daze the reader.

Then, do not send the letter in a hurry. Something that you need to know, the management needs to consider the detailed information inside the letter. It will be better for you to send it several days or maybe a week before the starting process of making a visa.

Sample of Visa Application Letter

Dear Consulate General of UK

Through this letter, we want to confirm that Mr. Jeremy is the International Director of Jasmine Enterprises. Mr. Jeremy has been employed by the company for the past 14 tears. Here, we are submitting his valid passport and the required materials to make a visa.

Mr. Jeremy will be traveling to Birmingham, UK to attend the business meeting with UK automation. The meeting will be held on June 10, 2011, at 10 am.

Besides, Mr. Jeremy intends to remain in the UK for a total of 7 days. He will depart from France on June 9, 2011, and will arrive in the UK on June 10, 2011. Later, he will depart from the UK on June 16, 2011.

We appreciate your help. For more information, you may call me at (999) 121-1111. Thank you for your hello and attention.



That is all about the visa application letterthat you need to know. Read the sample and find the best formula to make it.


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