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5×7 Envelope Template and how to make it interesting 

Creating an envelope for your own agenda will be the best idea to save your money. In this part, you can select the 5×7 envelope template that can create a fancy envelope, simple, business, and any type on the word. The envelope will be your best choice for Christmas cards, greeting cards, business uses, and so forth.

To make this 5×7 envelope template idea is not difficult if you really understand about this purpose. This part is the oldest and most commonly used packaging item which is normally made up of very thin material. Therefore, if you have any events or any programs, you can create this envelope without any difficulties.

How to create a 5×7 envelope template interesting to read

The 5 x7 envelopes are usually called as A7envelope. This size is the best idea for you to use for greeting cards for Christmas. The size A7 is perfect because the paper which is used for this paper is 5 ¼ x 7 1/4 so that it will be easy to read for the readers when they have a greeting card with the envelope size.

You can create this envelope from Microsoft Words 2007. The 5×7 envelope template design is arranged by opening Microsoft Office Words 2007 and click on the mailings tab. After that, you can click on the envelopes that are the first option from the left and go to the options tab below and click on the envelope size box.

How to make the 5×7 envelope template in Microsoft Words 

You can custom the size in Microsoft words and type the dimension for your envelope by entering the height and width. Next, you can click on the Printing Options tab and let the Word know how you want the envelope to face downwards or upwards or if you want it to come out from the right, left, or suitable with your need.

After that, you can make sure the setting for your 5×7 envelope template format. In this part, you can click OK and get your envelope in your mind. After that, you can set the envelope for any purpose such as Christmas or a wedding or birthday celebration. This dimension will be great to select for your card very well.

Choose the best color for your 5×7 envelope template

The template is great if you set the colorful and printed envelopes. This idea can be used to send to your friends and family members without any difficulties. You can select the blue color template that will give you a colorful vibe of the event for your guest to get. This idea can be arranged easily if you fold the cards properly.

This 5×7 envelope template blue color also will be great if your favorite color is blue. Although this template is predominantly in pastel blue color, the blue color will show the satisfaction of attention from people when they are reading the card on the envelope.

Be creative to make a great template  

Your 5×7 envelope template will be great if you are creative. In this part, you can add a festive and decorative border along the bottom. The size graphic also needs to be suited to make your template looking great and easy to read.

5×7 Envelope Design Ideas

5×7 Envelope Ideas

5×7 Envelope Example

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