Character Reference Letter As An Instrument to Support

It could be said an honor when you are asked to write a character reference. However, to make a good character reference letter, of course, knowing its formula and other details are needed. Those combinations will be very useful to provide a clear explanation.

The character reference letter in common is written by an individual as a document to support his or her colleague. The letter could be applied when an individual wants to join a company as a new employee. Of course, this letter could be another consideration by the employer.


What Are the Purposes of Writing Character Reference Letter?

Substantively, a character reference letter is also known as a personal letter. The main purpose of this letter is to reveal the detailed character of someone –that is known well. That is why this letter tells about some attributives of an individual.

In common, a character reference letter tells about the abilities and profile of an individual. It is like a recommendation letter that will be very useful to strengthen the position of an individual and enlarge the chances when they want to join a company in the job selection.

What Are Key Elements of Character Reference Letter?

These are some key elements of the character reference letter that could be a consideration when you want to make it. The standard key elements of this letter are:

  • The detailed relationship with the job candidate, especially how long the writer has known the individual
  • The strongest skills or qualities that are relevant to the needs of the job
  • The contact information of the letter to give easiness when the employer wants to make a clarification

Tips to Make a Good Character Reference Letter

To make a good character reference letter, these are some tips to be considered. The tips are:

  • Request information to the individual that you want to write about
  • Write a specific letter. It will be better when you only focus on two or three qualities
  • Make sure that the qualities are relevant to the needs of the company
  • Provide clear contact information as a sample of responsibility
  • Be concise and brief
  • Use the business letter format

Sample of Character Reference Letter

Dear Mr. John

I have known Dave in some different capacities for at least 7 years. He is my partner in a small business that has some responsibilities in writing and editing kinds of articles for the website contents.

Dave is detailed-oriented, efficient, and competent. He always tries to finish the task well before the deadline and he often could do it. Besides, he is also well-organized. Every task will be handled maximally and finished greatly.

With all he has in his hand, I am sure that he is suitable for your company. Of course, having Dave in your company will be great since it can be a new asset for future achievement.

That is all that I want to say to you. When you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



That is all about the character reference letter that you need to know. Make a clear character reference letterand help your friend to get the dreamed job.



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