Resignation Letter Due to Family Reasons and What to Write There

Resign from the job sometimes become a hard option to be chosen, especially when there is a family reason there. When you face this condition, writing a resignation letter due to family reasons is what you need to do to leave the job and co-workers politely.

Well, through this letter, you could make a positive note for the last moment staying on the company. Of course, you need to write the resignation letter with proper language and a professional tone, especially since this letter includes in a formal document.


When Should You Write Resignation Letter Due to Family Reasons?

Substantively, these are some reasons that become the base option of resigning because of the family situation. The need to care for the member of the family or spend time away from home to support the family member can be the common reasons to be stated.

When you think that it is hard to manage the jobs and family, it is the right time for you to write the resignation letter. However, when you decide to write this letter, please notice to maintain a professional and positive relationship with the boss and co-workers after leaving.

How to Write a Resignation Letter Due to Family Reasons?

When you want to write the resignation letter with a family reason, make sure that you include the important details there. Of course, the details will be very useful to help you state a clear message of the letter.

To write a good resignation letter, these are some steps to follow:

  • Start with a proper and clear opener
  • Provide the details of family reasons that become the base of resigning
  • Indicate help for the employer to find the replacement when it is needed
  • Close the letter with a professional tone

Tips to Make a Good Resignation Letter Due to Family Reasons

These are some tips to make a good resignation letter for a good moment in the last working day. Since this letter is a formal document, a professional tone should be applied. Of course, you also cannot use any ambiguous words in making it.

On another hand, try to make a simple and concise letter. Push yourself to make only a page of the resignation letter. A too-long letter is not proper.

Sample of a Resignation Letter Due to Family Reasons

Dear Mr. Blake

Through this letter, I want to inform you about my resignation from my current position as a manager in the XYZ Company. With kinds of priorities for families in my life, I decided to leave the job and stay with them.

My last day of work will be June 1, 2011, so please accept this letter as my official two weeks’ notice of resignation from this company. I hope you could understand my reasons.

I regret any fault that happens during my working day. Besides, I also hope that there will be a smooth transition for everyone, so I will be ready to help you find my replacement. When you need more information, please call me at (999)111-9811.



That is all about the resignation letter due to family reasons that you need to know. Please do not send it in a hurry!


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