Guide To Write Software Developer Recommendation Letter

Many people are still confused to write a recommendation letter with the right purposes. By creating a software developer recommendation letter, you can achieve your goals easier. It can help to get a higher position job with a high salary. But, make sure if you want to write this letter, you should knowing the candidate you recommend or the letter will not be relevant to be a recommendation.


What Is A Software Developer?

It is an occupation where he/she generally carries out maintenance or repairs the software issue. Software developers typically able to fulfill users’ needs and then design, conduct a test, and develop software to meet the users’ desires. The most important thing that should be mastered by the software developer is a programming language. This occupation requires the performer to stay accurate and always in detail while working.

Guide To Write A Software Developer Recommendation Letter

In writing this letter, you should know about a few things that would make the letter look appropriate. Here is the guide:

Give Reasons

In recommending someone it should be followed by reasons, specific qualifications, or any other positive value to support your letter.

Include The Evidence

After state the reason, you should include the evidence you witnessed that already done by the person you recommend.

Define Specific Ability

This will be a plus value for the person you recommend where you can mention all of his/her good behavior, ability, or the other positive aspects to make the letter more convincing.

How To Write A Software Developer Recommendation Letter?

You begin the letter with a greeting and inform your purpose in writing this letter. Mention the person’s identity you recommend, then start to explain the condition. You have to include the positive sides of the person, mention all of his/her good behavior and history. Close the letter with the hope that the letter will be accepted and leave your signature and information detail.

An Example Of Software Developer Recommendation Letter

Dear AA Software Company Manager,

I am delighted to recommend Hitch South for the position of software developer at AA Software Company. I am Hitch’s supervisor here at CC Software Developers, Inc. for the past seven years. We are a small but highly successful software company with no room for career advancement in Hitch’s current career. He wants to move to a bigger company with more challenging assignments and I support him in his hustle to move up the career ladder.

Hitch is passionate about coding and solving clients’ problems through unique and innovative software development. He has extraordinary potential that is not being fulfilled in his current position. Hitch always respects his superiors and friendly, easy to get along with, well-liked by our clients, and respected by his co-workers. He dedicated to providing quality. He ensures his software before handing it over for presentation to clients. He strives to make his programs as easy as possible with the understanding that not everyone is an expert programmer. He will be greatly missed at CC but we understand his position.

I hope you will consider Hitch South as a software developer at AA. I am sure he can meet any challenge you put him in. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss Hitch’s qualifications further at (123)-1231234 or via email at


Vince Mackaveli
CC Software Developers, Inc.

Hope this article useful for you. You can edit the software developer recommendation letter above based on your situation. Good luck!




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