Easy Step To Make Rejection Job Letter With Example

Sometimes, when you have applied for a position in a company until the time you called for an interview, but you seem not to suit the position you have applied for after the interview. Then, you have to think of another way to changes your decision that has been made. The one that may help is by writing a rejection job letter. If you are offered a job anyway, you may address this letter to the interviewer or your potential employer to inform them that you decline the position. Therefore, the company can look after another candidate if you inform it sooner.


How Does Rejection Job Letter Work?

This letter working like an official notice where both parties will understand and easily respect the decision. The letter also can be the best and the most professional way to smooth your decline. On the other hand, if you do not want to fill the position and address this letter, the company will not rely on you but will sooner seek another candidate who is ready to substitute your presence. So, be honest to yourself that if you do not think the position suit you then make a letter will be gracious rather than running from your problem.

Tips To Write A Rejection Job Letter

There are a few things inside the letter that should be in to make your letter look perfect. Here below is the point:

Make It Short

This letter should not be too long, yet full of points without mentioning any unnecessary things. Just stay focus on the content and stay concise.

Convincing Reason

Tell the recipient why you decline the offer, you have to tell your specific reason respectfully as possible.

Stay Formal

Do not forget to use formal language and express your appreciation for being considered for the position.

How To Write A Rejection Job Letter?

Begin the letter with greetings and your expression toward the company for the opportunity had to you. Then continue by explaining your reason why you decline the offer by the company with careful language. As long as you can be polite in your letter, then it will be fine. Close your letter by land a signature followed by your name.

An Example Of Rejection Job Letter

Here is an example of this letter, hope it can help you understand this typed letter.

Dear Mr. Conny,

Thank you very much for offering me the Vice Director of Marketing position with Dam Dim Company. I am very pleased to be your choice for this position, but I regret having to turn down the offer as I recently accepted a position at another company.

This was a very difficult decision for me, but I wanted to let you know about my decision as soon as possible to allow you to continue. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed by you and discuss the opportunity you had with me.

I wish you all the best in continuing your search. Once again, this was not an easy decision, but I believe that it will be best for everyone involved in the long term. Thank you in advance.


Revina White

In conclusion, we hope this rejection job letter may be helpful to you. Do not hesitate to edit the example if neccessary.



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