Doctor Recommendation Letter and the Sample

One doesn’t have to quit their job and find another on their own, if they can get recommended by their supervisor for higher job. Let’s say you have been working as physician, and then you will need doctor recommendation letter to get higher position.


What Is Doctor Recommendation Letter

By definition, this job recommendation letter is one specifically meant to recommend certain worker for doctor position. This letter is usually written by supervisor, hospital administrator, or board director.Most cases, the letter is offered for promotion.

How to Make Doctor Recommendation Letter

Now, let’s get to the making of this doctor promotion letter. It is of course different than writing job application letter. So, pay attention to the procedure we are going to tell you bellow and follow it step by step to get the job done. Here we go below.

  • Address the recipient
  • Tell who’s behalf you write it for
  • Mention his expertise
  • Tell that he has promise for bigger challenges
  • Include his skills and achievements
  • Recommend him for bigger opportunity
  • Put contact info and sign the letter

Tips to Create Doctor Recommendation Letter

Don’t ignore the details if you don’t want half assed letter. Knowing recommendation letter format is not enough to get the job done here. We suggest that it would be best for you to take any tips you can get into consideration. Let us share some then.

  • Be clear when mentioning name and place
  • Be truthful about the individual’s value, skills, etc.
  • Show your confidence in promoting him
  • Add proofs to back up your intention

Doctor Recommendation Letter Sample

After you have learnt enough of doctor letter making tips, it is the time for you to take a look at the real doctor recommendation letter. Give proper it at least once to get picture of how the letter you are going to make is supposed to look like. Here it is.

Dear Dr. Lawrenz:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Dr. Ford Hilion who’s currently under my supervision as staff psychiatrist at Greenhold Hospital. Dr. Hilion has been working for the hospital for 5 years, long enough for me to observe and evaluate his skill and professionalism. Being psychiatry, he has expertise in clinical aspects.

He is capable of managing the department even during my absence. He is good at administrative tasks as well that I am confident he is more than ready to tackle bigger challenge at your medical center. His knowledge in medical field has been very helpful for our community. He has made many achievements.

Among them, he provided assistance in Post WarStress Disorder Program that proves to be crucial mental health support for military base of our beloved country. Thus, I gladly recommend Dr. Ford for the position of senior psychiatrist at Lloyd Medical Center for I am sure he would contribute more for you.

Should you find it necessary to discuss further about him, feel free to contact me at (555)-300-2198 or via email at I am much looking forward to hearing the good news from you.


Ray Oswald

Ray Oswald, M.D.

Chief of Psychiatry

Greenhold Hospital


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