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Inspirations for Business Card Designs

Businessmen know that though a business card is small, the effect is huge. If your business card is well-designed, it can increase your selling, increase your company’s popularity, and also maintain your business relationship. If you know nothing about design or on a budget to make a business card, using business card design templates can be a solution.

Still, you need to consider the design. Below are some inspirations for business card designs if you go for templates.


In the past few years, pop-up business cards are getting popular. It competes strictly with conventional business cards. When you open a pop-up business card, you will see a 3D object right in front of your eyes. This is what is meant by a creative approach to branding. The 3D objects can be anything, whether it is a car, logo, building, and many more.

If you want your business card to be unique and anti-mainstream, try to find 3D business card templates on the internet.


A monochrome design is an ideal choice if you want your business card to look simple and professional. This design is also suitable for you who prefer a minimalist business card. Black and white is the most used color combination to create a monochrome style. However, you can also opt for other colors. Such as black and pink, white and grey, and so on.

Though it only uses 2 different colors, a monochrome business card creates an elegant and luxurious business card.


If you think that rectangular business cards are too common and conventional, why don’t you try to have a square business card? Such a business card design is also suitable for you who want to bring a minimalist concept. Besides simple and minimalist, a square business card is unique as well because the shape is different from common business cards.


Are you obsessed with Origami? Then, you should realize your obsession with a business card. The receivers will be amazed and never forget when they receive your Origami business card. An Origami business card is like a direct invitation to find the secret inside it. This Origami design is usually related to the art and cultural industries.

But, there is nothing wrong if you want this business card though you are working in other industries. Because a business does not always have to be serious. With this idea, your business card can turn into a flower, swan, and anything!

business card design Design Ideas

business card design Ideas

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