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Teaching Resume That Guarantees a Job Interview

Teaching is a challenging and fun job. So, being a teacher is very great. However, it is not easy to be a teacher. Because there are many candidates who are interested in this position, you have to create an impressive teaching resume. In this article, we will discuss it further.

Sample of Teaching Resume

Below is a teaching resume sample for your reference:

Windy Steff


01 Winfield, Charleston, SC 55292


Resume Objective

An organized professional with proven skills in counseling, guidance, and teaching. Have a good track record in improving test scores & teaching effectively. Ability to be work in a team & resolve problems professionally. Possess the ability to communicate complex information in an entertaining & simple manner. Looking to contribute my skills & knowledge in a school offering a genuine chance for career progression.


  • Florida Certification in Middle Grades English

Professional Experience

ABC Primary School – Jacksonville, FL

English Teacher, June 2017 – present

  • Meet parents & school governors, maintain discipline in the classroom, provide resources for lessons methodically, simplify lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives & help students to prepare for exams in a 2,000+ student school
  • Assess & care for 200+ students’ progress throughout the term & work closely with other staff to plan & coordinate work efficiently
  • Provide informative presentations to students regarding various areas of studies & make sure that all students comprehend all aspects fully
  • Train 5 new English teachers, emphasizing the importance of course planning, time management, classroom control, & adherence to curriculum
  • Plan the content to be covered in the class based on the curriculum, the date of the final examination, and the number of weeks available

XYZ Secondary School, Jacksonville, FL

Teaching Assistant, August 2015 – May 2017

  • Adopted distinctive methodologies of teaching, documented all lessons, mentored troubled students, and organized healthy group discussions
  • Worked with other teachers closely to ensure that all avenues of the curriculum are met & delivered lessons to students
  • Responsible for ensuring that all students comprehended the taught curriculum fully & provided support to students who required extra guidance


Bransfield Education Center, Jacksonville, FL

Bachelor of Arts in English, 2015

Additional Skills

  • Proficient in Ms. Office with modern classroom tech
  • Expertise in teaching assistance
  • Excellent with children

How to Write a Teaching Resume

How to create a teacher resume can be done with the following step by step:

  1. Write your personal information at the top!
  2. Open with a strong resume objective!
  3. Include relevant certifications!
  4. Highlight your professional experience!
  5. Add your education!
  6. State supporting additional skills!

People also ask

What Is the Best Resume Format for Teachers?

A functional resume focuses on skills. This is best for applicants with no relevant experience or limited work history. A reverse-chronological resume focuses on experience. This one is recommended for experienced applicants. You can also consider a combination format if you want.

How Many Pages Should  Teacher Resume?

A good resume should be 1 or 2 pages in length, especially if you have lots of publications. However, it can also be 3 pages. The most important thing is that you ensure each section contains information you find pertinent to your job application.

How Do You List Skills on a Resume?

You have to keep your skills relevant to the position you are applying for. You also need to include key skills in a separate section. Besides, add the relevant skills in the experience section. For the most relevant skills, weave them into your profile.

Teaching Resume with No Work Experience

This teaching resume template is recommended for you who have no work experience. In this case, you should use a functional format for your resume where you focus on your education & skills. So, you can keep your resume impressive and convincing.

Teaching Resume Template Word

This resume template is available in Word. So, you can easily edit it to fit your needs. This resume template is flexible. Therefore, you can even use it for other jobs you want. You just need to match it with the job posting and include the information based on your own qualifications.

Teaching Resume for College

This resume can be used by a college student who wants to continue his/her study or apply for a teaching job, either part-time or full-time. On your resume, make sure that you mention your expected year of graduation. If you are studying for a Master’s Degree, your Bachelor’s Degree can be included.

Resume for Teaching First Job

For you who are applying for a job for the first time, using this resume is recommended so much. For your first job, your resume should optimize your skills &education. It will be additional values if you have unpaid experiences such as volunteering and internship.

Teaching Resume Sample

This free teaching resume sample is recommended for you who want to be a teacher. You can use this resume to apply for a teacher at a primary school, middle school, high school, or even college. Your teaching skills must be displayed clearly. Certifications will also add your value.

Teaching Resume Example

This example will inspire you in writing a resume for a teaching job. This example is very simple because it uses a basic format & structure. So, you can easily read & understand it. However, you can add other sections if you want to include more information.

Free Teaching Resume Template

Finding a resume template is costless. This template is completely free to use. Anyone who is interested in a teaching job can take the advantage of this resume template. With this free template, you will be able to create your own resume quickly and effortlessly.

Challenging to write an impressive teaching resume? You can find a good sample and useful tips here. You should be honest in providing the information on your resume based on your own qualities. You also have to match it to the job posting. Hopefully, it will lead you to a job interview.

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