A Useful Simple Sample Of Manager Recommendation Letter

Any manager can write a recommendation letter for employees for various purposes such as applying for a visa residency, a new job, or others. Sometimes, the letter is issued by the HR department, and then it is reported to the manager to be signed. Writing the manager’s recommendation letter also has to abide by the company’s policies.


What Do You Need To Include In The Manager Recommendation Letter?

If you are asked to write a recommendation letter by the subordinates, then make sure the person has a good working ethic and performs well in the company. Make sure you check the following things before writing a letter:

  • The capacity of the employee when working with you.
  • How long the employee has been working with you.
  • The skills that make the employee eligible to be a good candidate.
  • The reasons why you should write a recommendation letter
  • Your contact details so the recipient can discuss this matter with you if it is needed.

Besides considering the above factors, you must also put the following list as a recommendation:

Your relationship with the subordinate

A recommendation letter should be written with an objective view. However, a relationship between the manager and the subordinate is also crucial. This means a manager knows well about the subordinate’s personality and skill well. By all means, they both often interact during the project.

You have to dig some information

If you want your letter to look professional and well-composed, you must do research on the individual. You have to gather all of the information that turns out to help you make a powerful manager recommendation letter.

Always read the manager recommendation letter

If it is the first time for you to write the manager recommendation letter, you can read the following simple example:

Dear Human Resources Director,

I have been working with Ms. Elena Smith for the past 3 years in the Digital Marketing department. Her performance during these 3 years was always outstanding. I am really impressed with her.

She has excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills which allow her to work on critical projects. This is the reason why Ms. Elena has a great relationship with clients and co-workers.

The most notable skill of Ms. Elena is her excellency in writing and reading the data from various tools such as Analytic tool in the advertisement or website dashboards. This makes her become a versatile employee whenever there is a problem in the middle of a project. Her ability to remain calm during the pressure really amazes me.

Therefore, I would like to recommend her for permanent employment. If you need something to discuss this matter, you can contact me at (555)555-555 or by email at patrick.star@email.com.

Thank you for your consideration.



Patrick Star

Manager of ABC Company

A manager recommendation letter should be based on careful research and observation because it also includes your name in it. Make sure you only recommend someone that is capable enough to hold a certain position or to be a permanent employee.



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