An Example Of Harvard Acceptance Letter

People who are working in a prestigious university like Harvard Acceptance Letter will get many chances of sending the correspondences. For both the students or someone who is applying for a job whose lives are about to change, you must learn how to write a formal and professional Harvard acceptance letter.


How Does Hardvard Notify The Applicants?

When you have applied your application to Harvard, you might be wondering how to get a notification whether you are accepted or not. Do they send it through email? Or do they send it via mail?

To sum up, what to expect after applying your application is to wait for an email confirmation from them. Usually, they will send an email with a link to Applicant Portal. According to Harvard’s guidelines, they will not send the email until mid-September. So, if you have submitted it earlier, you will not receive any email until the decided time.

Typically, you will be contacted also by one of the alumni for an interview. You should remember that they don’t know about your application. They only know your basic information such as your name, and high school.

Where To View The Announcement?

As we have mentioned earlier, the applicants can check the notification through the Applicant Portal. Most of them will receive the email and then you will be redirected to click the banner where you can view your status whether you are accepted or not.

What Can I Do During Interview?

You can use the opportunity to ask about how to live at Harvard is. The purpose of the interview is mostly to learn about you and this can also be used as a chance to gain more insight.

The Example Of Hardvard Acceptance Letter

If you are wondering how the Hardvard Acceptance Letter looks, the following example can be a perfect reference. If you are also working in Hardvard and assigned to send correspondences, the following can be your good reference to writing a professional one.

Dear Ms. Getrude

I would like to congratulate you on behalf of Harvard University for the newest student enrollment this year. As you know that Harvard University is well-known for its high standard. We are impressed with your academic background and excellency in some skills that are related to your major and matter to the future career and goodness of society. Therefore, we are very happy to welcome you as one of the students this year.

Along with this letter, we have enclosed some forms that you must fill out not late than May 1, 2021. This is to help us in processing your admission and facilitates you as a student. If you have another question, please feel free to contact us at (666)666-666 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

We believe that the honor of your acceptance has met the standards and you can carry the responsibilities with dignity. We hope that you can explore your potential. Also, we expect your experience studying here will be satisfying and fulfilling.

Thank you for choosing Harvard University as your learning journey.


Yours Sincerely,


Rita Smith

Admissions Department

Harvard university


We hope that the Harvard admission letter above has given you the best idea. Good luck!



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