16+ Chalkboard Bakcground Template Artistic Appeal

Whether you are creating your own version of a birthday card or you are thinking about an artistic flyer for your business, having the chalkboard background can create a unique sense that you won’t find from other craft. There is a sense of old-school and traditional with the chalkboard design, and if you can include one in your design in the proper way, you can improve its artistic value.

The Chalkboard Background Design

Nothing beats the traditional sense of a black (or green) board and the white chalk letters. In the past, such a design was only familiar for students, but its function and role have developed greatly ever since. Right now, you can find such chalkboard design almost anywhere – from the promotional flyers or brochures to digital advertisements. Most people love this chalkboard background dearly because it takes them to the childhood memory. That’s why marketing people still use this kind of design because they know that it has a strong appeal. When you include it in your visual advertisement, it is almost a guarantee that yours will stand out.

How to Make the Style

If you are willing to spend some time in the design and you have basic Photoshop ability, you can always make one by yourself. Here are the stages:

  • Open the chalkboard background or image
  • Pick the matching font. Since you are going to use the chalkboard background, it is logical to pick chalk as the letters.
  • Add the overlay texture to the text. Click on Layer, and then Layer Style, and finally Pattern Overlay
  • Go with parchment or crumpled paper style. And then change the opacity to light.
  • Now you want to make the overall text look a bit grainy. You will need to set the noise. You want to choose Rasterize, then Filter, and choose Noise, and Add Noise.
  • Add the texture to your font so it will resemble the chalk or brush strokes
  • Choose the erasers and set the opacity to less than 30%. Swipe it through the text in various places. Do it until you see the result that you like.
  • Add the swipes to your background and have more texture for your font.

Basically, you can change it into various styles, patterns, and models that you like. The key is that you are practicing it with different textures and models and you should be able to get various outcomes to like.

The Templates

If you don’t really want to break a sweat in making the design, you can always make use of the available templates. There are different sources that you can use as the sources of your design. You can download, save, or print those templates to your like. If you have gained the reliable sources, downloading or saving those templates will be easy.

In the end, the decision to choose the template or create your own depends on your personal preference. Whatever activity that you want to have, be sure that you are making the right decision. After all, the chalkboard background can be useful for many creative projects and outcome.

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