Appreciation to Boss about Employee to Build Better Relationship

Appreciation is a very essential matter of life. Of course, everyone likes to be appreciated, including the boss. Well, an appreciation for to boss also could be a way to build a better relationship with him or her. That is why knowing about an appreciation to the boss about the employee is needed.

The appreciation letter substantively is only a way to show appreciation. However, this idea is effective and efficient. Through the letter, you could write things to show your appreciation. On another hand, a letter is also nice with its formal sense and professionalism.


When Appreciation to Boss about Employee Letter is Written?

These are some situations that can be a good moment to write an appreciation letter to the boss. Some samples situation to be considered are:

  • When the manager or boss offers some resources or help you to solve kinds of problems
  • When the boss gives an extra off day because of some reasons. It could be a kind of personal favorites from the boss
  • When the boss gives a bonus, promotion, or raise to you
  • When the boss allows you to handle some big projects

What is the Setup of Appreciation to Boss about Employee?

In a whole appreciation letter to the boss about the employee, these are some parts to be included. The parts of the letter also will be a way to state the argument.

The basic setup or points to be written inside this letter are:

  • Name of employee
  • Title and department inside the company
  • Specific task about the performance of the employee
  • The statement of appreciation and thank you
  • Name and signature

Tips to Make a Good Appreciation to Boss about Employee

To make a good appreciation letter to the boss, these are some tips that could ease you in making it. First, you need to be sincere. Here, be careful with the tone of writing the letter.

Besides, the letter of appreciation should be specific. Since the boss has many things to handle, the specific letter will help them to remember what they do to you.

Sample of Appreciation to Boss about Employee

There is a sample of an appreciation letter to the boss about the employee that you could learn. Read the following sample below.

Dear Mr. Jackie

I would like to express my gratitude for the amazing work that you accomplished. Your capabilities are very impressive and it is very helpful to keep the well running of our business.

Well, with your actions on several days of our working, the condition of my business becomes better day by day. Of course, it will be an unforgettable moment for us. That is why we send this letter just to appreciate what you have done for our company.

For the last, when there is another chance, we are open to making a new project with you. If you interest in our proposal, you may call me at (112)181-2228 for further information.

Yours sincerely,


An appreciation to the boss about the employee can be a good idea to build better communication. Now, find an appropriate template of the letter and then make the best personal letter!



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