20+ Eye Drawing Template How to and Tips

In case you haven’t noticed it, making the eye drawing isn’t exactly easy. Making the eyes isn’t difficult but making it look real and alive is another different point. Although you can always learn about making the realistic eye, it doesn’t hurt to get the access to the eye templates. By doing so, you can have an easy arrangement and implementation without breaking a sweat.

The Use of Templates

The eye drawing templates can be handy when you want to learn how to do it properly at the right pace – and make some drawing on your own. Unless you are completely talented or gifted, making the eye requires time and process. If you have to make an artistic production and yet you haven’t mastered the skill, the templates can be super handy.

For the learning process and development, a lot of people learn this process by themselves. They use the template as the guidance and then they learn how to manage everything on their own. Of course, it would be helpful if you can get some useful tips and insights about how to do everything correctly and properly.

First of all, forget about getting yourself too ambitious. If you want to master the eye drawing technique properly, start with one eye only, instead of the two eyes. As your skills develop, you can have a pair and the matching proportion. But until then, you want to start with one eye.

How to manage the steps?

  • Think about the angle. The shape of the eye from the front will be different when it is viewed from the side. The dimension and the arrangement of each part will be different from one thing to another. Think about this perspective if you want to create a realistic result
  • Don’t forget about the anatomy of the surrounding parts. The face muscles and bones will determine the quality of your eyes. The eye socket shape and the muscle band surrounding eye will help making the result real
  • If you want to create a realistic result, you need to observe the subject very closely and in details. That’s why it would help to take a picture of the eye and have a close-up image. Learn about the image in details and then you can practice making the drawing

Some Handy Tips

Here are some handy and useful tips in making the result.

  • Completely draw what you see. When you take an example from a photo, it would be great if you can draw everything in detail.
  • You may also want to learn about highlights and shadowing. It will help with your drawing
  • Don’t outline the bottom lid automatically because it only needs lightly indicated after the highlighted lower rim
  • When making the eye socket, draw the tone’s subtle change, including the planes of brows and nose. It will help setting the eyes to the face.

Having too many theories can be confusing, so why don’t you try it for yourself? While practicing the eye drawing process, you can enjoy the process too.

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