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3 Beautiful Designs for Wedding Vow Template


Marriage is one of the most crucial moments everyone waits. During this ceremony, the bride and the groom vow to their hearts to start a committed relationship. During the pledge, the pastor will read the promise for the couple to follow.

The pastor will hold a paper or a book with the vow while everyone else listens and with joy. As this celebratory often made for the public, having a beautiful design for the wedding vow template is a must.

Here are some of the gorgeous ideas to create eye-catching vow design.

Ideas for Design

  1. Choose Solid Paper

The vow book is going to stay in view for several minutes during the ceremony. Do not waste this opportunity to show the best design a couple can have for the event. If a paper has thin gsm, it tends to bend and crumple easily. Therefore, choose an article that has a gsm thickness above 150.

Cotton paper is also good since it is reliable and not easy to wrinkle. You can have this step of choosing the media and the material when you hire a wedding organizer also responsible for the design.

  1. Pick The Right Font Type

The font type of the vow template is very crucial since not only it will determine the readability of the content; the front part of it will show the aesthetic of the book. Select the font type after trying to apply each of the fonts to the writing. Only choose the one where it is both readable and beautiful to look.

Avoid the most usable font since it will not look unique on your special day. If you cannot decide the font type, you can always consult it with the wedding organizer you hire for the D-Day.

  1. Select Pastel Color

A marriage vow symbolizes the bride’s and the groom’s faith to be together for the longest time. This sacred moment should have a soft symbol using a pastel color. There is nothing wrong if you prefer vibrant and shocking color. However, it will distract your guests as vibrant colors tend to stand out more.

Thus, pastel shade is the best choice. You can choose any brilliance from pastel pink, pastel blue, to the pure cream color. Do not combine too many tones as it will not look elegant for the audience to see.

  1. Use Elegant Shape

Another aspect of your vow template is, do not let look like it comes from a free place. Your event is incredibly sacred and is supposed to be only once in your life. Thus, pick an elegant shape like a square or a rectangular one.

Unless you have a quirky and unique concept for your wedding, choosing an elegant form is not a problem. Nonetheless, if you are more into the traditional type, the traditional way should be the one you go.

All these steps are easy if you hire a wedding organizer. They have a better eye for the longest aesthetic of the event. Also, you can always add your quirky taste and design to the concept of your wedding vow template. Happy wedding!


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