10+ Information Technology Resume Sample


Information Technology Resume Sample to Successfully Snatch the Job

With how things go these past few years, it is understandable that IT jobs are so high in demand. Are you one of those who are interested to apply for the job? If that’s the case, we’ve got information technology resume sample to offer here. So, are you ready to learn this and get to know all about it?

We will tell you how to make the very resume, even suggest some tips and tell you the things to avoid. Of course, you will be presented with kinds of this resume to help find the best choice for the needs. After all, each applicant has different needs. Depending on it, particular template is needed.

Sample of Information Technology Resume

Let’s start from taking a good look at the sample of information technology resume template below.

Ren Reighsword

Personal Info

                Phone   : (555) 091-8855-621

Email     : reighswordren@gmail.com


Motivated job seeker who has high interest in computer systems, software, network, and connectivity. Looking for the chance to get IT position and becoming part of IT world by working at Techno Central Company with information technology knowledge and expertise.


Graphic Designer

ABC Future Technology Inc


  • Image design for magazines, labels, etc.
  • Product illustrations, logos, and websites
  • Concept and layout development

Graphic Designer

AAA Technology Company


  • Computer software operation
  • Layout creation for client and supervisor
  • Product illustrations, logos, and websites

Assistant Graphic Designer

Local Technology Company


  • Marketing material preparation
  • Logos and images development
  • Promotional tools designing


ABC State College, Chicago

Graphic Design Program


GPA       : 3.89

Relevant Coursework    : Intro to Business, Advanced Design and Graphics

Expected Graduation     : 2013

Membership     : Student Council, IT College Group

Key Skills

  • Operate Photoshop to design images
  • Illustrate images and designs with Corel Draw
  • Use Adobe InDesign for print and digital media


  • Photography Competition Runner-up
  • 1st Place in Chicago Painting Competition
  • Graphic Design and Editing Competition Winner


  • English
  • Chinese

How to Write Information Technology Resume Letter

Did that sample give you picture of what the letter is supposed to look like? Looking at the sample won’t be enough though. There are information tech resume procedure, tips, and suggestions that you better take into account when writing. Let’s get down to the procedure in this opportunity here.

  • Start with your personal info
  • Tell your objective for applying the job
  • Add your relevant experiences
  • Provide education background
  • Include other info, such as skills and awards

People also ask

For faster and easier means, you may use ready-made template. The problem is how to choose the best one. So, determine the type of the format first. There are chronological, functional, and combination resume. Each has different purpose. Think of it thoroughly before making final choice.

What tips to write resume letter that could impress the employer?

If you are willing to write one on your own, we have some tips that could help make it better below.

  • Match qualifications with job requirements
  • Limit resume to one page if there’s little interesting things to write
  • Write technical details of work, contributions, and metrics
  • Use facts rather than writing subjective descriptions

What things to avoid when writing tech resume letter?

  • Do not focus too much on job duties and responsibilities
  • Do not highlight much on the project activities
  • Do not carelessly choose or make poor design and layout
  • Do not be vague

Kinds of Information Technology Resume Letter

Each resume letter for whatever job it is, there must be several kinds to consider. Each kind serves different use. Thus, it is wise to determine your needs first before making your choice. After all, the kinds may differ slightly from one to another. Let’s see them below and do take a look at the format.

Information Technology Resume Letter in General

There is general kind of the resume. Since it is not specialized, the format is pretty simple. You may put your photo on top with your name below to start things. Other details may follow afterwards. They must include career objective, professional skills, contacts, and others relevant for the said job.

Information Technology Resume Letter for Project Manager

Information technology has different positions to apply for. If you are aiming to be project manager, your resume must be more detailed. It is pretty high position in a company after all. Showcase your professional skills as much as possible and make your expertise known to show your worth in letter.

Professional Information Technology Resume Letter

Professional letter must be complete and detailed, yes. However, you need to pay attention to the template design as well. You might need to consider choice of color as well as proper placement of each section to make it attractive to look at. It being informative must still be maintained, of course.

Information Technology Graduate Resume Letter

It is possible to apply for the job if you are post graduate. If you don’t have much experience to tell, focus on your education background. From it, you must have knowledge, skills, and achievements as scholar. Include as much as relevant ones to weigh employer’s choice on you and get you in for sure.

Information Technology Sales Resume Letter

If you are into sales position, you may use this template to do the work. You start with personal info, such as name, address, phone number, email, and birth date. Still, personal profile is needed. Then, follow it with qualifications, education, work experience, and other interests needed for the said job.

To conclude, information technology resume sample varies by much depending on the positions in the field of work. Even whether you just graduated or one with work experience, how you write the resume might be different. So, be careful when making your choice. It could determine your chance.


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