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5 Websites That Can Help You Find Google Slides Templates for Your Presentations

Presentation is one of the activities that we cannot let go of when we want to explain something to a certain audience. This is usually often found in offices, as well as in high school and college areas.

In a range of academic areas, presentation activities are usually conducted to discuss the results of group activities for students and students, while for teachers or lecturers is to assist them in explaining lessons to students or students in the classes they teach.

As for the office area itself, presentations are usually aimed more at activities such as evaluating or offering cooperation activities with new partners by showing the vision and mission and portfolio of the company to ensure the proposed collaboration.

At present, Google Slides is one application that is widely used by many people to conduct these presentation activities. Unfortunately, if you only rely on the default design like the theme in Google Slides, it feels less attractive and looks very stiff.

Therefore, to be able to make your presentation look better and make you more confident again, here are 5 websites that can provide Google Slides templates for your presentations later.

Slide Mania

First, there is the Slide Mania website. This website is created by a graphic designer named Paula, who provides various templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. There are various options available here that you can adjust to your needs later.

Slides Go

The next website is Slides Go. This website is the same as the previous website too, which provides templates for PowerPoint as well as for Google Sides. On this website, you can also be assisted with various filter features available, such as templates that are trending in a search or templates that have just been added to this website.

Carnival Slides

The third position is Slide Carnival. This website has a motto where to invite you to be creative and play about themes for the design of your presentations on Google Slides and in PowerPoint.

Slide Model

Slide Model becomes the next website that can help you with so many Google Slides templates. Not only that, here you can find templates for PowerPoint as well, diagrams for PowerPoint, and many more for the benefit of your presentation later.

Gala Slides

Finally, there is the Slides Gala website. Just like other websites, this website provides so many Google Slides templates and PowerPoints with various themes and topics that are provided following the contents of your presentation later. 

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