Claims Assistant Cover Letter Example and Responsibilities

Working as a claims assistant in the insurance field could be considered a prospective career. Besides it has a promising career path, it is also dealing with the claimant that certainly needs your help. Also, you may find it exciting working to assist the senior claims examiner or the claim adjuster itself. It is advisable to get to know about the profession of claims assistant before you decided to write your claims assistant cover letter to apply for the job.

To be a claims assistant, you need to recognize what are their responsibilities and skills that are required to get things done and become the claims assistant in a professional manner. Here are several items you should aware of.

Skills Required to be Claims Assistant

The skills below are mostly required when you decided to be a claims assistant:

Responsibilities of Claims Assistant

After considering the skills are required to be a claims assistant, you should consider the following responsibilities of them before you write the claims assistant cover letter.

  • Perform clerical and administrative tasks
  • Data entry (filing and processing claims into the system)
  • Checking payment documents
  • Confirm claimant salary statement
  • Drafting report
  • Billing documents work
  • Reviewing bills
  • Mailing claims check

Writing the Claims Assistant Cover Letter

When the above requirement is possessed by you, the cover letter should be written. It is essential to highlight your achievements, experiences, and qualifications relating to the claims assistant. Professionally state them all in your cover letter. Below is the cover letter for the position claims assistant example. You may reuse it or assign this letter as your reference in writing your cover letter.

Dear Mr. Martin Sepuvelda,

I am writing to apply for the Claims Assistant openings with ABC Insurance Company as I am concerned that I am the perfect match for this position.

I have earned my bachelor’s degree in business administration with satisfying grades. I have excellent skills bot in communication and interpersonal. I am aware of and am able to provide exquisite customer service. I have earned my experience through an internship at DEF company as a trainee. My experience including sending emails, drafting reports, and assisting in processing claims.

The experience I got with processing claims, I believe, could satisfy the customer. I am team-oriented and have the ability to do professional jobs in the claim company. I can make sure claims are processed timely to meet my deadlines and satisfy the customer.

I believe my skills and qualifications would be a great support to the company and I am concerned that I am the perfect match for the position.

You may reach me for the interview by phone at (444)444434432 or by email at

Yours Respectfully,

David Jones

And that is all about the claims assistant cover letter and the responsibilities of the claims assistant. Good for you to read and consider all of the things before you decided to write the cover letter to apply for the position.


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