3+ free bootstrap templates sample

Creating Bootstrap Website

With the digitization of information, website is becoming an essential thing to have for everyone especially for government, companies and businessmen. It can provide information needed and inviting potential customers into the business. But, for you that are not able to make on your own, it is a challenging thing to make a website especially if it is a responsive website from zero. The most popular framework that was used to develop a responsive web is Bootstrap. In this framework, you can choose to build the website literally from zero or search free bootstrap templates sample.

What is Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a HTML, CSS and Javascript framework that used to make responsive and mobile websites. It is very popular since it is user friendly, means you don’t need to master CSS and HTML to operate Bootstrap. It is also an open-source front-end framework. It means you can use Bootstrap for absolutely free.

Setting up Bootstrap website

There are 2 ways of setting up Bootstrap, the manual way and using free bootstrap templates sample Bootstrap website builder. For making in manual way, the first step is downloading the Bootstrap from its official website and then unzipping the Bootstrap files. After that, create an HTML directory which you can freely name it as you like. The next step is copying the JS and CSS files into this directory then make an index.html file. You need to link the Bootstrap CSS and attach core Bootstrap JavaScript after Footer of index.html. This is the way of linking Bootstrap files to HTML.

Then, you are ready to create responsive website. To simplify the making of responsive website, the page is divided into 4 sections, navigation, header, content and footer. Responsive navigation usually contains website logo and menu items. While you can input whatever you want in the rest of the section. If this 4 section is finished then your website is ready.

The second way of making responsive website is using free bootstrap templates sample. It is much simpler and easier rather than to set it manually since every page that made using template is already responsive without doing extra effort to make it responsive. You can choose any website builder, then pick any CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc. After that, you can directly choose the template and just filling the sections on the content. Just follow the process and here it is, your responsive website is ready, as simple as that.

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