10+ Wedding Itinerary Customizable PSD Design Template


3 formats that you can use when choosing a wedding itinerary template

Marriage is certainly the most beautiful and awaited moment for every couple. To hold an event that is held once in a lifetime, of course they would want to invite all the closest people and those they know to participate in celebrating. In this case, the media wedding itinerary template can be an invitation for them later.

Several formats in the wedding itinerary template

When you search for a wedding itinerary template on the internet, surely you will find many models and formats offered. Some of the formats that you will often find are DOC, PDF, and PSD. But there are also templates that you can directly create on the website, so you will be able to immediately accept the template in its finished form.

3 formats on the wedding itinerary template

As discussed above, there are 3 types of formats that you can use, namely DOC, PDF, and PSD. For more details about the format, you can see below.

1. DOC

DOC is a format for word processing software applications, such as Word. That way, you can edit this template using only Word later. Yummy, you certainly will not have difficulty using Word instead, because it has become one of the applications that you use for your daily life later.

2.  PDF

The format of the PDF is a format for documents that aim to be presented in two dimensions in the form of text, images, and two-dimensional vector graphics. If you get this format, then you need a special PDF software application later, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to edit the template.

3.  PSD

PSD is a format of the results of documents that are done using a graphic design software application in the form of Adobe Photoshop. Of course, the design of templates that use this format will look more flexible than the previous formats. It’s just that, if you want to edit it, of course, you must have the expertise to use Adobe Photoshop itself, because it can only be accessed using that software.

Usually, you will find the template when you download it on a website that you cannot edit on the website itself. So, to edit it, you need to download it later.

Unlike some websites that have features that can make their users edit directly on the website, you can download directly in a photo format like JPG for example in Canva. Even so, you can also choose several other formats as you need, such as PDF for example, in the wedding itinerary template that you created.

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