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Nursing Curriculum Vitae to Start a Nursing Career

Nursing curriculum vitae (CV) is different from a nursing resume. Even though they seem similar, a CV’s contents are more exhaustive. Besides that, you can also use a CV when you seek membership or apply for a position in a company/organization to demonstrate a nurse’s value & achievements.

Sample of Nursing Curriculum Vitae

Before we discuss it further, let’s pay attention to the following nursing curriculum vitae sample!

Mac Mahon

111 Jones Tr. Newton, NJ 99090



Professional Summary

Licensed practical nurse, experienced in delivering high-quality care for patients for over 15 years. 10 years of working experience in critical care. Specialize in patient relations as well as conveying important info where non-medical professionals can understand. Reliable caregiver with a great reputation to make patient’s time in hospital pleasant. Management experience with good skills in leaderships.


  • Interpersonal skills to assess each nursing staff member & identify the best way to utilize their skills.
  • Delegation to assign nursing staff to roles that suit their skills best.
  • Empathy facilities bonding with patients to improve their care quality.
  • Composure to stay calm while working in an emergency room.
  • Technical skills in nursing to perform initial assessments
  • Skills in verbal communication to convey information to staff & patients.

Work Experience

Lead Nurse

Bridgewater Hospital

May 2015 – present

  • Consult with nurses under supervision on challenging patients.
  • Monitor nursing staff behavior and performance to maintain care standard & reprimand or warn staff as needed formally.
  • Make & maintain schedules for nursing staff.
  • Interview & hire new nurses when opening positions are available.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Franklin Hospital

August 2010 – May 2015

  • Helped in surgeries in emergency rooms, providing critical care.
  • Spoke with patients to discuss conditions & explain treatment plans.
  • Oversaw training for new hires to pass on knowledge and skills.


  • Family Nurse Practitioner Certification
  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses


  • National League for Nursing
  • International Council of Nurses


University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

June 2001 – June 2005

How to Write Nursing Curriculum Vitae

After paying attention to the nursing curriculum vitae example above, now you can practice writing your own resume. There are a few steps you will need to do:

  1. Begin with your basic information!
  2. List important and relevant skills!
  3. Organize your information!
  4. Customize for style!
  5. Format consistently!

People also ask

What Is the Difference between CV and Resume?

The curriculum vitae (CV) present the history of your academic credentials. Therefore, its length may vary. On the other side, a resume presents a clear picture of your qualifications and skills for a specific position. Therefore, its length is usually shorter & dictated by your work experience.

How Do You List Nursing Credentials?

For example, a nurse executive may select Nancy Gordon, RN, MSN, and MBA. Note that the highest non-nursing degree must be listed first, continued with the highest one. A nurse with a master’s in a non-nursing field can choose Anne Peterson, RN, BSN, and MEd.

What Skills Should I List on My Nursing CV?

When writing a nursing CV template, you must be honest, including when listing your skills. Some of the most common skills to be lised on a nursing CV include time management & stamina, critical thinking & problem solving, communication, technology skills, patient safety, etc.

Do You Put RN after Your Name on Resume or CV?

If you are a DNP, MSN, BSN, or RN, put those credentials at the top of your CV or resume right after your name! You have to be careful to avoid any mistakes. So, make sure that you double-check and proofread your CV before submitting it.

Nursing Curriculum Vitae with No Work Experience

These nursing curriculum vitae are appropriate for anyone including if you have no work experience at all. When you are starting a career in a nursing position, you have to be able to impress the hiring employer from your CV. So, your CV should emphasize your education.

Nursing Curriculum Vitae Template Word

This curriculum vitae template is designed for you who are interested in a nursing position and want to apply for that job. With this template, you can make an awesome CV. In fact, you will need to submit your CV along with your application letter.

Nursing Curriculum Vitae for College

This curriculum vitae template can also be used by a college student. If you are still a college student, you may be allowed to apply for a nursing job. However, you have to state the expected graduate for your current study.

Curriculum Vitae for Nursing First Job

Getting the first job is always challenging. If you are just looking for your first job in a nursing position, you can use this CV template. Your CV should include any unpaid work. If you have never worked at all, you can focus on your education and skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Nursing Curriculum Vitae Sample

This sample is just for you who want to write a CV to be used to apply for a nursing job. If you don’t know how to start writing it, just feel free to use this sample. Since it is customizable, you can customize it to fit your needs.

Nursing Curriculum Vitae Example

CV plays a vital role when it comes to applying for a job. So, your CV should be written carefully. This example will help you to write your own CV in an appropriate format and structure. Hopefully, this will inspire you.

Free Nursing Curriculum Vitae Template

This template is not only customizable and usable but also free. So, anyone can use this template anytime. You can also use this to write a CV for applying for other jobs. You just need to include your relevant qualifications.

To be hired in a nursing job, you should make your nursing curriculum vitae as impressive as possible. So, just feel free to use this template and edit it. Make sure that you proofread it first before sending your CV.


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