No Call No Show Termination Letter and its great sample 

A termination letter is one of the important letters that should be arranged properly. This letter will notify the employee that he or she has been fired. Therefore, when an employee fails to report to work or notify the employer, they need to arrange a no call no show a termination letter to make the reader know the condition.


What are the things to include in a no call no show termination letter?

You have to know that this no call no show termination letter idea is also a pink slip, letter of termination, contract termination letter, and so forth. The most essential idea to arrange this letter that it should show demonstrates unprofessional behavior and should not be tolerated well.

How to write a no call no show termination letter

When you are arranging this letter, you need to include the proper information to amaze the readers when they are reading this no call no show termination letter template. You also can follow some ideas below to make it impressive.

  • You have to write this letter by referring to the specific company policy mandating termination
  • The letter also has to include the date of the violation to make it easy to know
  • Write the proper information such as the information regarding the employee’s final paycheck and benefit status

Tips to write a no call no show termination letter 

Your letter also will be easy to understand when you apply some tips below. The tips will help you to arrange the no call no show the termination letter format properly. Here are some of the tips:

  • You need to include the effective date of the employment termination
  • Write the statement suitable with the return of company property if it is applicable
  • Create your letter simple and easy to understand for the recipient

The sample of a no call no show a termination letter 

To facilitate your writing this template, you can read the following call no show termination letter example. This sample will help you to arrange the proper template without any difficulties.

This is the sample:

Dear Emilia,

On August 13, 2016, you failed to report working at your scheduled time. In this idea, you did not call in on this date to explain your absence nor did you do so the following day. Because of this, we can surmise that you have elected to resign from your position as a member of the GreenHouse Staff. This letter also will inform you that we have accepted your resignation and your employment with the company has been terminated effective August 15, 2016.

As you know, the success of the business depends on every employee showing up on time and performing his or her job duties. Your absence makes the company busier on the night week. The other servers also struggle to cover your area and they all reported earning considerably less in tips because of their inability to provide good customer service. 

If you want more information, you can call me at 777-999-6666. If we do not hear from you within 7 business days, we will consider the matter closed. 



Thomas Eden,

Mr. Thomas Eden, Manager

Green House Corporation 

That is all about no call no show termination letter. The letter is not too difficult to arrange if you include the proper information on the letter as well.


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