At will termination letter and its sample 

When you want to end the employer-employee relationship, you need to arrange a letter to make it clear. In this idea, you can arrange an At-will termination letter that can be given to the employee during the meeting or mailed to them at the employee’s home address following the meeting.


What should I do to write an At-will termination letter? 

You probably will consider that many employers choose at-will policies that do not require a reason for the employment termination decision. The at-will termination letter idea will have an important role to arrange because it will make the relation between the employer and employees clear in any corporation.

How to create an at-will termination letter 

When you are arranging this at-will termination letter template, you also need to pay attention to the detailed information. This letter is different from the letter written to an employee who is fired for cause. You can follow some ideas below to make this letter impressive.

  • You have to write this letter by focusing on the effective date of the termination
  • Your letter also have to handle the employees’ final paycheck
  • Make a good explanation of benefits and any severance

Tips to make an at-will termination letter

Furthermore, you also will need some tips to arrange this at-will termination letter format impressive. The tips also will make your letter easy to read for the recipient. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You can start your letter with a clear termination statement
  • Remember to limit the body of the letter to relevant information and avoiding any finger-pointing comments
  • Make it a simple and clear statement to ensure the readers properly

The example of an at-will termination letter

Besides, you should not worry to write this letter because you can read them at will termination letter example that will lead you to write the proper letter without any difficulties.

This is the sample:

Dear Mr. Atkinson, 

This letter will be informing you that as of today, December 12, 2017, we are terminating your employment with the South Network Association. Your dismissal allows the company to end the employer-employee relationship without notice and without reason. This letter will confirm the termination meeting you attended this afternoon in my office. 

Due to the record, you have the following company property in the possession including a laptop computer, iPhone, a company debit card for gasoline, database software, and so forth. Any unreturned items will be considered stolen property and reported to the appropriate authorities. 

Your final paycheck is enclosed with this letter. This paycheck will include all sales commission earned and reported as of December 10, 2017. Any earned unreported sales commissions also will be paid to you when customer accounts are updated at the end of the month. 

Within one week, you will be mailed an information packet with details regarding severance pay. If you have any questions, you can call me at 555-888-6666. I wish you all the best going forward. 



Antony Lawrence 

Ms. Antony Lawrence 

An employee of Human Resources 

South Network Association

That is all about at will termination letter. This letter is easy to arrange if you really understand the goal of the letter properly.


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