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Weekly Report Template: Knowing the Types of Weekly Report

A weekly report is a report that is written to communicate signs of progress, achievements, and issues or obstacles that are faced in one given week. If writing a weekly report is new to you, search for a weekly report template to help you in creating one.

 Weekly report types

There are various types of weekly reports and it depends on what you do and your position in a company or organization.

  1. Marketing report

In a marketing weekly report, you will find a performance report for promotion-related activities. In this report, there will be updates on inbound as well as outbound marketing attempts and how the activities are making sales.

  1. Internship report

An internship weekly report is made by people who are going through on-the-job training. The report mostly contains the report for all activities done by the trainee for a week.

  1. Sales report

Sales reports that are created weekly make a company to know how the sales are going in one week. In this report, it is important to include all the factors that influence the sales no matter whether it is increasing or decreasing.

  1. Report from employees to Supervisor

The report allows employers to understand how the employees are performed in a week. By knowing that the supervisor will be able to set the targets as well as monitor if a team needs extra coaching.

  1. Report for stakeholders

The weekly report is to provide updates and information to stakeholders about the projects being worked on and if assistance is needed.

  1. Expense report

It contains all expenditures that are made in that given week. This type of report is typically written by an employee on a business trip, a construction project manager, or employee for the customer relations department when he need s to made expenditures for entertaining guests, etc.

Tips in writing effective weekly reports

The weekly report template is easy to find and it will help you to create a weekly report. However, to write a good report, you need to consider the following tips before starting with your report. Firstly you need to know what is the purpose of your weekly report. The purpose of a report is why the report is needed in the management.

Secondly, you should know who will read the report, as it will help determine the language and the information inside the report. The next point is that the information and data in the report should be presented according to its priority. The last tip is to write the report effectively. By using headings, simple and clear sentences make sure it is easy for the reader to understand what it is about.

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