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Design Ideas for Birthday Gift Certificate

Using a birthday gift certificate template is a smart idea if you are in the last minutes to find birthday presents. There are a bunch of fun and colorful templates of birthday gift certificates that you can find on the internet. You can edit the text so that you can add a personal message. Most of the templates are free to download as well.

But if you are confused about which design you should choose since there are so many available, here are some ideas for your inspiration.


Floral birthday gift certificates are very common to use and give. Not only birthday gift certificates, but other cards such as wedding invitation cards and anniversary cards also commonly use flower ornaments. Flowers bring sweet, pretty, and sincere impressions. So, a floral design is very suitable if you want to give a birthday gift certificate, especially if the receivers are women or girls.


The next design idea to choose a birthday gift certificate template is cupcakes. Because a birthday party is usually related to cakes, you can opt for cupcake designs for a sweet and cute birthday gift certificate. Edit the template by adding the words of happy birthday in a thick hand-writing font. This way, the birthday gift certificate looks more appealing.

Water Color

Watercolor designs are getting popular today to use for various greeting cards. So, you can try to use this unique design for birthday gift certificates. There are so many decorative templates that apply watercolor designs. The style is various as well. For example, a minimalist watercolor design, colorful watercolor design, and many more.


Cactus is a plant that gives the meaning of sincerity, purity, and effort. Cactus is a unique plant that you can pick as a design for birthday gift certificate templates. Choose the one that has gradient colors of green. Add the words of happy birthday in the middle. This way, your birthday gift certificate looks simple yet appealing.


A simple design is a great choice if you look for elegant yet attractive templates for birthday gift certificates. Choose the one that uses one type of font with 2 different colors. For example, black and pink. This will accentuate the simple design yet make the birthday gift certificate looks decorative. Do not forget to mind the background.

Those are the design ideas to choose templates for birthday gift certificates. Which one do you want to use?


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