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50 50 Raffle Tickets Template to Get Higher Attention of Spectators

Finding a unique and creative way of selling the ticket is important for the event organizer, especially to get higher attention for the targeted customers. Of course, the creative way will be useful to increase the curiosity of the target. That is why you need to know about the 50 50 raffle tickets template.

Well, do you ever known about the 50 50 raffle ticket before?

In simpler, a raffle ticket is known as a strategy to sell a ticket of an agenda –such as concert, festival, and others, which provide a coupon to get some prizes. It means the spectators that buy the ticket will have a chance to get the prize when it is drawn.

Pros and Cons of 50 50 Raffle Tickets

At a glance, a raffle ticket is interesting to be tried. However, before applying it as the strategy to sell more tickets to your agenda, these are some pros and cons of it to be known. This point can be a consideration for you.

The high potential of return becomes the first benefit of the raffle ticket. As we have said before, the spectators will interest in the coupon and the prize, so they will buy the ticket. On another hand, when you have a sponsorship, you do not need to allocate some funds for the prizes.

However, these are also some cons to this ticketing strategy. Maybe, the raffle ticket is illegal in your state. It means you need to be careful with the law. On another hand, these are also some fraudulent that may happen and it should be maintained.

What to Write Inside the 50 50 Raffle Tickets

The simple meaning of the 50 50 raffle ticket is you divide a piece of the ticket into two parts. The first part is the ticket itself and the other is the coupon that the spectator will hold to get the prize.

However, to make a good raffle ticket, these are some basic information that you need to write include it. The things to write inside a ticket –as the common standard, are:

  • The name of the agenda
  • The name of the event organizer
  • The detailed agenda, such as time, place, and others
  • The number of the ticket as the evidence in drawing
  • The signature or another idea of legality

Tips to Make a Good 50 50 Raffle Tickets

These are also some tips that you need to know to ease you in making the raffle ticket. Of course, the first tip is completing the information on the agenda on the ticket like it is mentioned before.

On another hand, keep the readability of the ticket. Here, you could use the proper font to write the information. Then, think about the word placement and some additional matters, such as an image when it is needed.

The next tip to be known is printing the raffle ticket in a certain paper. It will be better when you use a thicker paper to print it to get a durable ticket. Then, do not forget to choose the right basic color of the paper.

50 50 Raffle Tickets Template PSD Files

These are some samples of the 50 50 raffle tickets template on this page. All templates are available on the PSD file extension, so it will be easier to be edited.


50 50 Raffle Tickets Design Ideas

50 50 Raffle Tickets Ideas

50 50 Raffle Tickets Example


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