Resignation Letter due to Schedule Conflict and the great example 

If you have a schedule conflict in your work and it is more important in your life such as school, you need to evaluate the situation and decide which commitment you should go. If you prefer for your school, you need to arrange a resignation letter due to schedule conflict and send it to your boss to let him or her know.


What is the importance of a resignation letter due to schedule conflict?

This resignation letter due to schedule conflict idea has an important role because it will help you to assure your employer that you conduct yourself professionally and suitable for the process. This letter idea also can be used as your advice to your employer that you are resigning due to scheduling conflict no more.

How to arrange a resignation letter due to schedule conflict 

Besides, if you want to arrange this resignation letter due to the schedule conflict template, you need to consider the process of writing the letter. Here are some the of steps that should you follow to make the letter easy to read:

  • You can start with a good salutation and introduction to make the recipient understanding your aims to write the letter
  • On the body paragraph, you also need to let your employer know about the scheduling conflict right off
  • You also need to make sure in your letter to make note of any arrangements you probably have made to resolve or transfer those ideas

Tips to write a resignation letter due to the schedule conflict 

Furthermore, if you want to make your resignation letter due to schedule conflict format getting easier to arrange, you also need to follow some of the tips. The tips in this letter will help you very much to write the letter.

  • Write your letter getting professional and show your commitment
  • Remember to leave your name, number, address, and a nice thank you for their understanding and invaluable experience at the end of the letter
  • Make it clear and pay attention to the grammatical usage and spelling

The example of a resignation letter due to schedule conflict 

If you never write this resignation letter due to schedule conflict design, you can read some of the examples of this letter. The example will help you to write the proper letter. Gaining this idea, you can read the following example that can be used as your reference in writing.

Dear Mr. Joan, 

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am resigning from my position at Alan Techno Company due to a schedule conflict. As you probably know, I have been working in this company to pursue a bachelor’s degree. My class schedule has changed recently and it makes me impossible to attend University and work as usual. My last day in this company will be February 1, 2017, so please accept this letter as my official one week notice of resignation. 

I do apologize for any inconvenience that my resignation probably causes to anyone at Alan Techno Company. If there is any way I can be of help in transferring my responsibilities, please let me know. You can call me at 666-000-2237. 

I am really happy to work in this company even for a short time. I will miss all of my coworkers but know that my classes are important to me. I hope this company continues the success and thank you for your consideration and patience with me during this time. 

Yours respectfully, 


Abraham David 

You can use those ideas to make a good resignation letter due to schedule conflict. Those ideas are simple to follow if you never arrange them before.



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