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Federal Resume for a Federal Administration Position

A federal resume can be defined as a kind of document used to apply for a federal administration position. This document shows your skills & experience that match the government job requirements. So, if you are interested in such a position, it is important to know how to write this resume.

An Example of a Federal Resume

Below is a federal resume sample. You can use it for your reference in writing your own resume.

Chandra Ferguso

1100 South Street

Arlington, VA 11111 US

Mobile: +1010101010

Email: chandraferguso@gmail.com

Citizenship: US citizen

Veterans’ Preference: No

Highest GS Grade: GS-0101-1

Security Clearance: N/A

Desired Location: US-VA-Arlington Country

Resume Objective

Administrative assistant with more than 4 years of work experience in the federal sector. Experienced in organizing presentations, maintaining standard office procedures, and preparing reports. Implemented cost-saving practices, reducing expenses by $6,000 annually. Looking to leverage my expertise to secure an administrative assistant position at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.


Office of Community Services

1212 Mount Vernon Avenue

Alexandria, VA 21212 US

02/2019 – present

Wage: 3,000 USD/month

Hours per week: 40

Series: 0101 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 1

Administration Assistant

Duties & Related Skills:

As an administrative assistant, I manage & organize bookings, appointments, and reports for an office of more than 100 federal employees, ensuring that the daily operations run smoothly. I’m responsible to prepare presentations, assemble facility reports, and maintain strict regarding sensitive information.

  • Schedule & coordinate appointments, meetings, & travel arrangements for employees.

How to Write a Federal Resume

It is not difficult to make a federal resume template. You just need to do the following steps:

  1. Follow the proper format!

You may have a lot of relevant experience but you will never land your desired position if you do not know how to format your resume properly. Include as much detail as possible when formatting your resume.

Your resume should be at least 2 pages long if you are applying for an entry-level position. If you are a mid-level candidate, it should be closer to 4 to 6 pages. Keep in mind that this kind of resume is different from standard resumes.

  1. Include your citizenship status!

To speed up the vetting process, you should add your citizenship as well as visa status. Some positions in the federal government require specific citizenship. Therefore, this information is often needed for a job application.

  1. Add your veteran status!

The federal government provides certain hiring preferences to veterans. Therefore, if you served in the United State military, you will have to add your veterans’ preference on your own federal resume template format.

  1. Include your GS grade!

The United State civil service uses a unique pay scale that is referred to as the General Schedule (GS). Federal government jobs are graded with a GS identifying salary & level of responsibility related to the position.

People also ask

Is Salary Required on a Federal Resume?

The federal resume format requires you to include your employer, location, start & end date, position title, average working hours per week, responsibilities, as well as accomplishments. Optionally, you can include your supervisor(s) & a reference. It is also optional to include your salary.

Should I Include a Cover Letter for a Federal Job?

Unless a cover letter is needed by the job vacancy, there’s no reason to add one. It won’t be read nor transmitted as part of the application. So, the most important thing is that you submit your resume like the example above.

Why Do Federal Jobs Take So Long?

It seems like forever between the time you submit an application & when you receive a response. It happens because there are a few steps in the government hiring process. Usually, there is no set deadline by which the process takes.

Federal Resume with No Work Experience

This resume includes a detailed experience section. You have to add: employer’s name & location, job title, start & end date, number of weekly working hours, summary of your responsibilities, list of duties, exceptional things you accomplished, Awards you received, & supervisor’s contact information.

Federal Resume Template Word

A federal government resume is different from what a private sector job uses. It uses a format mandated by the Office of Personnel Management that helps standardize the applications the federal government receives. It requires you to include many items so that it looks longer than a standard resume.

Federal Resume for College

To list your education properly, include the following information: years attended, degree earned, special recognition or awards received, and membership to educational clubs or organizations. If you are a recent graduate of a college, you can optionally add your GPA and credit hours.

Resume for Federal First Job

If you are just entering the federal industry, it means you have no work experience in this industry. However, it doesn’t matter as long as you have something special you can offer to the hiring employer and make him/her impressed.

Federal Resume Sample

For each description in the work history, you should list 2 to 3 key accomplishments. In this section, you have to fit them to the job vacancy. Then, the hiring employer will love you for it. Anyway, you have to pay attention to what skills the job announcement wants.

Federal Resume Example

If you think that your resume for the federal job is not long enough, you can make it more impressive by adding sections for certifications, volunteer work, professional awards, professional associations, publications, languages, job related training, leadership activities, special skills, special projects, etc.

Free Federal Resume Template

You are only allowed to include relevant extras to a resume for a federal job. It is a good idea to make a list of your achievements. After that, pick the ones that fit the job requirement. If you need the reference, you can see the example above.

In conclusion, a federal resume is usually longer than a standard resume. It is designed for federal government jobs. To make your resume stand out, you can pay attention to the guidelines and example provided here.





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