4+ Medical Assistant Resume Template


Medical Assistant Resume Template to Impress a Hiring Employer

If you are interested in a medical job, you can start your career from being a medical assistant first. However, you have to create a resume to make the hiring employer considers you as the best candidate. The following medical assistant resume template will help you a lot.

Sample of Medical Assistant Resume

Before we discuss it further, let’s pay attention to the following medical assistant resume template sample first!


Sandy Fisher




Sympathetic & organized medical assistant with 4-year professional experience. Eager to provide medical care to patients in a clinic setting by offering advanced medical & care techniques. In previous roles, served an average of 50 patients every day as well as helped introduce HIPPA & OHSA complaint quality assurance program.


Medical Assistant


2019 – Present

  • Monitored & recorded an average of 50 patients every day.
  • Ordered lab, medical supplies, & x-ray as directed electronically.
  • Helped nurses & physicians with different forms of patient care & treatment.
  • Sterilized & set up instruments and washed dried, as well as restocked laundry.

Key Achievement:

  • Assisted implement quality assurance & control program which resulted in compliance with OSHA & HIPPA regulations.

Volunteer Medical Assistant


December 2017 – June 2019

  • Monitored 20+patients
  • Conducted physician referrals and serviced pre-certifications on an as-required basis.
  • Learned hands-on emergency medical techniques.



Associate Degree in Medical Assistant

Las Vegas University


  • Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)


  • Patient preparation
  • Patient assessment
  • Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Documentation
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Administering injections

How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume

Here is the step by step for writing a medical assistant resume:

  1. Firstly, write an eye-catching resume or career objective!
  2. Secondly, showcase your certifications!
  3. Thirdly, present your relevant professional experience!
  4. After that, list down your education!
  5. Lastly, highlight your skills in medical assistant!

People also ask

What Are Medical Assistant Skills?

To be a medical assistant, you must be detail-oriented. Besides that, you should be adaptable, empathic, and committed to accuracy. In addition, it requires good interpersonal skills, too. Other skills you required to be a medical assistant include able to collaborate with teammates, problem-solving, etc.

What Does a Medical Office Assistant Do?

Before writing a medical office assistant resume, you have to know about the responsibilities of this position. They include supporting doctors & other health-care professionals, performing various clerical & administrative tasks, scheduling appointments, filing, answering phone calls, etc.

How to Make a Medical Assistant Resume Impressive?

  • Begin with a captivating cover letter by introducing yourself to the hiring employer!
  • State why you choose to apply to this particular company & how you can help it reach its goals!
  • Include achievements and give some proof!
  • End it with a call-to-action!
  • Use a professional format!

What Are the Format of a Medical Assistant Resume?

A resume for a medical assistant position contains a few sections:

  • A resume header for your contact details
  • The resume profile in a short paragraph
  • A professional experience section detailing your previous relevant responsibilities
  • An education section giving a glimpse into your academic background
  • List of skills highlighting your relevant skills
  • Additional sections showing your extra skills

How Do You Describe Your Job Experience on a Medical Experience Resume?

You should write your latest job first and follow it with the previous ones. Then, include your job titles, the company’s name, and the start & end dates. You have to keep this section short & relevant. To impress the hiring employer, it is better to use action verbs.

Medical Assistant Resume with No Work Experience

A medical assistant resume with no experience starts with an attractive profile statement or summary. After that, it followed with 2 different sections of administrative skills and patient care so that the hiring employer can overview your potential quickly.

Medical Assistant Resume Template Word

If you are looking for a resume template for a medical assistant position, you are on the right site. This article provides you a resume template available in Word format. It allows you to read and edit it easily. Just feel free to use this template for your reference in writing your own resume.

Medical Assistant Resume for College

If you are applying for a medical assistant job while you are still a student at a college, it is very challenging to make an impressive resume. If you have no work experience, you can add unpaid relevant jobs. The more experiences you have, the more impressive it will be.

Resume for Medical Assistant First Job

To start your career as a medical assistant, writing a resume is the first step. In this case, the resume should emphasize your education, skills, and achievements because you lack of work experience. If you have any unpaid work experience, just feel free to include it!

Medical Assistant Resume Sample

This is a resume specifically for a medical assistant job. So, if you would like to apply for this role, you can use this resume. Since it is customizable, you can freely customize it to fit your needs. Make sure that all the information on the resume is based on your own qualifications.

Medical Assistant Resume Example

This resume example is not only simple but also versatile. This resume example can certainly help you make a resume for a medical assistant position. Whether you are just entering a career in this field or you are an experienced individual, this example will be useful.

Free Medical Assistant Resume Template

This template can be a good reference for you who want to write a resume for a medical assistant job. This template is not only easy to customize and ready to print but also free to use. Anyone is allowed to use this template anytime.

Writing a medical assistant resume template can be very challenging because many factors must be considered. Professionalism becomes a key when it comes to a resume. You can follow the basic format for writing such a resume.


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