Fellowship Recommendation Letter and the example 

When you are writing a recommendation letter, you need to arrange it outstanding especially when you want to recommend a fellowship. In this idea, you have to write a fellowship recommendation letter. In this part, you have to write it with people that you know well and can offer specific information about you as a student, person, or employee.


What should I include in writing a fellowship recommendation letter? 

You have to consider that this fellowship recommendation letter idea is meant for individuals in various fields that have completed a certain level of education and training or wish to embark on a program of additional students. Therefore, this letter commonly comes with monetary grants that cover costs associated with the individual’s course of study.

How to create a fellowship recommendation letter 

You need to make this fellowship recommendation letter format getting strong. Gaining this purpose, you have to follow some steps below to make the letter interesting. Here are some of the steps to follow:

  • You have to make discuss a student’s suitability for a particular fellowship and emphasize the referee’s involvement with the knowledge of the student
  • You also need to comment on how the student will contribute to the particular fellowship program or the school or academic program
  • Remember to explain how the fellowship and/ or what it can make a difference in the candidate’s intellectual and personal growth

Tips to write a fellowship recommendation letter 

Furthermore, this fellowship recommendation letter template also will look good if you apply some of the tips below. The tips will make your letter easy to understand for the readers. Here are some of the tips:

  • You can discuss how long you know the student and in what context
  • Remember to evaluate the student about other students who are in the field
  • Provide the detailed descriptions and evaluation of the student’s scholarly work

The example of a fellowship recommendation letter 

To facilitate your writing this letter, you also can read the fellowship recommendation letter sample. This example will guide you to write the proper letter without any difficulties.

Here is the sample of the letter:

To whom it may Concern: 

I am writing this letter to recommend a beloved student, Ted Henderson for your fellowship program. I was asked to write as one who has functioned in the capacity of the employer of Ted. Moreover, I want to say a few words about him as a student. 

Ted has a highly smart, intelligent, and also perceptive young man. He came to our institution committed to capitalizing on the opportunity of his third year of study in London. During his time in our institution, Ted who as I am sure you know is an excellent writer and publicist and he also has done a good deal of work for the institution. 

Always on his work, Ted is consistent, dedicated, and passionate to work with. He is also incredibly creative energies and a refreshing idealism tempered to accomplish what needs to be done. At our institution, we are expecting big things from Ted in the way of educational and communal leadership. 

Thank you once again for the chances to recommend such a special and great young man. 

Yours sincerely, 


Tony Adam

A Dean, ABC University 

That is all about a fellowship recommendation letter. In this letter, you have to include detailed information about the person to recommend that makes it awesome.


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