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3 Month Calendar Template: Reminding You the Schedule

3 month calendar template is useful to remind one’s schedule and activities. This template can be made of yourself on Microsoft Word simply and easily. To the Word series, it is not much far different. Some details are only different. This program provides various calendar templates that you can use. You can select one template based on your needs. You can make the design of the calendar template using an online template. These are some tutorial ways to make this calendar template.

The Ways on Designing 3 Month Calendar Template 

These are some ways of designing and making a 3 month calendar template for your reminder. The steps can be applied easily during a making process.

1. Opening Microsoft Word in Your Computer 

The first thing to do is open Microsoft Word on your computer. Then, select the Blank Document. Then, click a file menu on the left side and choose a menu of New. Next, type a calendar on the search menu and press enter or loop. Thus, it will be shown many designs of online calendar templates. You can select it. As an example, it takes a snapshot calendar template on the first row.

2. Click Calendar Template 

After you open a calendar template, it is time to click a calendar template itself. Then, you click Create on the right part. It is a basic way of making a 3 month calendar template. After that, it is opening the layout of calendar pages. You can observe it first.

3. Setting Months and Year

The next way is setting months and years of the calendar template. You can adjust it based on the three months of the calendar that you need. Then, click OK to confirm it. If it appears a warning or notice, you should just click OK again.

4. Setting the Finalization of Calendar Template 

The calendar template has been made. You should set the layout details of the calendar template such as color, letters, images, date, and many more. You can add the letter on the adjustable date with your custom design. The way is clicking on the column of the date and typing the letters. To edit the font, you just block and click right. It is appearing in an editor menu such as font, height, letter, letter’s color, and many more. You just adjust it based on your taste. To set the position of an image, you can click the sign next to the right. You may click right on the image and choose the format picture.

Those ways are helping to make a 3 month calendar template using Microsoft Word easily.

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